Monday, June 7

at my house..... would think I am planning for 100 guests they way I am running around like a chook with no head.  But no, I am preparing and planning for a small party for my son's 4th birthday in a couple of whilst he was at Kinder this morning, I was able to get some things ticked off my list with a little help from his little sister....

Lolly-free party bags - Done! (thanks lou!)

Start making traffic light jelly - Green (go) Done (will do amber and red tonight and tomorrow).

Got a few more things to do - the major one being that I have actually decided to make a GIVE WAY sign!  So, I have the red felt, the letters and will have to begin piecing it all together tonight!  But on the weekend we made some wall art with the traffic light theme continuing.  It was easy peasy and if you don't know how to sew this is a perfect beginner project!

Just grab some fabric, some embroidery hoops and cut to fit (making sure you iron the fabric first, then pull taut fit the hoop and viola!  You have your own wall art! Our selection was to mimic the classic traffic light colours, so bold red, polka dot yellow and I splurged and used this gorgeous Michael Miller Traffic quilting fabric for the green... This is yet to be hung up, but I will post a picture when it is....

Have fun at your house and stop by Lou's to check out what everyone else is up to!


  1. LOVE the traffic light jelly idea. You could do the same thing with red, orange and green fruit on a small bamboo skewer. Loving the embroidery hoops also - very stylish. Looking forward to seeing your other ideas (a I am sure Lou is also;) I love it when people get into the whole theme thing and particularly when they do it themselves without all of the extra expense!!! Good luck for the weekend.

  2. Looks great Brenda. He will love it! The embroidery hoops are a great idea for easy wall art. Look forward to seeing some after pictures as well.

    Thanks for joining in again. Lou.

  3. Looks like an excellent party! If your son likes cars etc, you should go to trafiic school in Essendon. My (much) younger brother loves it!


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