Thursday, June 24

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Numbers! numbers! numbers! My son loves numbers - for a while now I have noticed an interest he would take in numbers, any numbers of any kind.  You know, at the supermarket he would look and comment on what isle number we were in, what price something was, and out and about there are numbers everywhere!   I even make up activities for him that are all about numbers....

As a mother of two young children I like to get out and enjoy some fresh air and exercise so, with a 4 year old keen on numbers, I put my daughter in the pram and we all walk around the neighbourhood in search of numbers....

Yesterday I suggested he take his camera (an old one that is a bit temperamental) and take pictures of numbers he likes.  So all of these (besides the very top photo)  are his pictures....

He does the whole - hold the camera right up close - thing at the moment, but when we got home we downloaded them all and he was really excited about seeing what pictures he had taken.  

What creative things have you been up to?  Want to join in?  Head over to Kirsty's great blog here! 


  1. That's gorgeous Brenda!

    We have been getting to school much more quickly over the last week or so because my almost 3 year old loves to find the numbers on every letter box along the way! Like your son, I have been thinking how cool the numbers would all looked photographed.

    Your son might be interested in Kids Click - - a little photography competition for kids. My eldest is really enjoying it.

  2. haha, I had been thinking of writing a very similar post to this. My girl has learnt all her numbers from our walks. Makes for a very long walk when you have to stop at EVERY mail box though.

    Great photos, love how kids see the world.

  3. Gorgeous Brenda! What a lovely Mumma you are letting him stop to smell the roses...or photograph the numbers :)

  4. That's a great activity and they are very artistic. love his angle on things. xo m.

  5. Oh this is great!!! I am now facing the letters one with my girl =D

  6. they're gorgeous photos, your son has an eye for photography love his angle on things : ) what a fantastic activity will have to file this one away for future use! : )

  7. Fantastic number photos. Kids always have a good eye for a great picture. This is such a lovely way to capture the way they view the world.


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