Sunday, June 6

flea market finds

Alas, the thrifting Gods did not shine on me this week (again!) although I have been pretty pre-occupied with my son's upcoming 4th birthday, so that may have something to do with it.  So whilst I sat down after a quiet weekend with my glass of red, seeing what thrifting finds you all have acquired, I stumbled across bountifully and admiring her newly purchased boy-robe and the mention of taking her hubby along with her on her op shopping adventures.

You see, this got me thinking about whether my hubby would come op-shopping with me!  My initial reaction was NO!  However, sheepishly I have to admit that two of my most favoured items have been thrifted by my dearest Husband.  So to pay homage to his efforts and as an excuse to join in this week I present to you two of his greatest finds....

One - a small little wooden jewellery box with mother of pearl detail he bought me at a second hand shop no longer running for $9

and this fab clock that he found on the side of the road and thought I might like (ahhh...i love it! was my response).

To join in on your flea market treasures check out Sophie's delightful blog!


  1. oh wow!! very impressed he certainly has good taste they are simply beautiful! you're a lucky lady to have such a man : )
    hope the party plans are coming along and you've had a lovely weekend.

  2. Yes a man of good taste, great finds
    Melissa x

  3. Go hubby! Isn't he the clever treausre hunter? Love that clock, what an amazing score. Yep, definitely take him op shopping, imagine all the goodies he will find?! xo

  4. Love the clock! Very retro and kind of nautical! Great find.....maybe you should take your hubby more often! xo

  5. ha! those alongside the road finds. oh happy lordy...!!!

  6. That clock is stunning! Love your blog, just had a look around and think I might have to try making some of those yummy looking passionfruit and white choc muffins!

  7. I love a DH who really knows how to shop ... I have one too and I always take him with me or I'd never find anything good!
    My Flea Market Find

  8. That little box is gorgeous! And what a brilliant clock just to find lying around. He's a keeper that hubby of yours. Hope all is well and that the birthday preparations are coming together ;)


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