Friday, February 11

what style are you???

Maxabella asked the question
Absolute Novice did the same
Now me...
I'm loving Polyvore too by the way (yeah, thanks Bron!)

So what style are you?? I found it really hard to describe...I have moods, moments, and then a lot of those 'can't be bothered - where are my favourite trackies??' days!!
I'd love to say my style is a mixture of feminine and practical. I've realised that it's been ages since I bought a pair of pants (trousers to you English folk) and my last few purchases were dresses or skirts. I'm embracing the cinched waist and love to add a dash of personality with a bright colour or interesting accessories. The practical side of me has me toting around in my large enough floral bag and flat shoes are essential for this SAHM!! I hardly wear make-up an even when i do, it's limited to tinted moisteriser, a bit of cheek tint and some gloss - two minutes and i'm done!!

So - what style are you?? Go on have some fun at Polyvore - you'll love it!


  1. How cute is that skirt!? Love.

    When thinking of 'what's our look' we have to ignore the tracky days. I don't actually wear jeans, but they need to mainly be ignored as well. It's all the other bits that make up your style.

    I've always liked your style - you post a lot of different fashiony photos and you always look fab. You have a unique look - little bit vintage, little bit classic.

    I hope everyone does a Polyvore outfit as it's so much fun to see what they choose!


  2. I love this, totally depends on what i'm doing that day to how i style, i have quite the range!! Love Posie

  3. I LOVE that bag!! I am a sucker for anything floral. I even have a pair of floral sneakers (although I only wear them when I'm feeling really brave!).
    P.s Thanks for the mention!! :)
    Happy weekends x

  4. I love that skirt too! I definitely like and suit more "structured" styles... Haven't played on Polyvore yet... resisting!


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