Sunday, February 13

a proper fancy pants

Oh Melbourne - what are you doing??  Where is our Summer?  Please someone explain to me why we are being so short changed this season.  I kid you not, I was in my winter dressing gown this morning and trying to hunt out my winter slippers (not that I have summer ones, but you get my drift)...

....This morning we headed out just to a nice local little deli - one where we can buy the best ricotta donuts known to man.  I was adamant that even though the temperature was still in the teens, I was not going to winter-ise my outfit....

...This is a skirt I've had pre-children and I've always struggled with how to wear it.  It's quite voluminous, busy in detail and sometime's i even think it's a bit too nanna.....

...But on a hunt in my wardrobe, I teamed it with a simple top and cardi and minimal accessories.  The belt was too long to do up around my waist, so I ended up tying it up before looping it through the buckle.  A quick messy bun higher up than usual and this outfit was Prim and Proper for the likes of Sunday Church rather than indulging in delicacies...

I'm joining in with the fanciest of fancies - Kym!  do come and see what other's have fashioned this week!

skirt - local shop years and years ago!
top - dotti
cardi - dotti
belt - dotti
headbands - diva
bag - sportsgirl
shoes - bought by my mum in italy!


  1. Oh. STUNNING. I'm speechless. You look... well, perfect! I love your hair, and that skirt (and I can't see the shoes - doh!). Oh, divine. You certainly know how to wear that skirt now, don't you!! And that is a BEAUTIFUL photograph of you. And you don't look old enough to be married and have two kids.

    And damn Melbourne weather, but you rocked the cold weather today. xx

  2. I SOOOO agree with Kymmie!! Fab style lovely girl!! And you look like a teen!! I love those headbands but I must have a funny shaped noggin because they always seem to slip off and nearly take someone's eye out! Blast to your weather. Rain, rain and more rain up here so not too much better. The sunshine state...ha!!! Hope you're having a wonderful week and that a degrees a rising a wee bit for you :) x x

  3. In a good way I mean (the teen thing!)...Jeez, just re-read my comment and realised how bad it sounded!!! Fresh and youthful I should have said :) x

  4. Oh I love it! How did you get your hair to go like that and not flat behind the bun? Teased it? Mine always sits flat :-( and it's all gone now anyway *sob*sob*


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