Saturday, February 12

I'm grateful for {one-on-one}

It's that time again - Maxabella Love's Grateful day....and this is what I'm grateful for..

1. Smooth transitions - The big boy started four year old Kinder this week, back where he was last year's three year old kinder, so it was familiar surroundings, familiar little faces and he took to it like a duck to much so, that this morning he asked to go to Kinder today....

2. One-on-one time - Oh, I'd forgotten what it was like to just have one child, but now that the boy is doing four sessions of Kinder a week, it gives me time to soak up time with my little girl that up until now, has always had to share my attention with her older brother... one week in and we've been shopping, playing tea parties, gymbaroo-ing, going for walks and just chatting.  Bliss!

3. freshly baked - I baked these cookies this morning.  I've just made myself a cuppa (it's cold in Melbourne if you were wondering!!!) just so I've an excuse to have yet another of these delicious biscuits.  I do love the smell of fresh baked goodies....


  1. I just realised that 'Kinder' is pre-school in other states - which explains my wondering why all these now 'Kinder' kids weren't in school uniform! Kindergarten is first year of big school in NSW.

    Those macadamia cookies look yum! x

  2. Oh, our posts are almost exactly the same. It's like we've been chatting previously and said to each other, "Let's post about the same things." Isn't one on one with just one child fabulous? I'm loving the extra time with Noah, and he is too! Now off to hunt down some macadamia cookies (with a hot cuppa). I don't think Melbourne got my memo yet about SUMMER! xx

  3. You're right, our lists are similar! Sounds like you had as wonderful a week as I did! Here's to the next week being even better!

  4. There's nothing like one on one time :)

  5. Your week sounds a little like mine. My big girl started kindergarten (four year old kinder in Tas is at school). After two days, she's loving it (huge relief!). How lovely for your boy to have that continuity of the same place.

    I've also enjoyed one-on-one time with my 2 year old boy, just watering the garden, grocery shopping, a babycino or two... Lovely!

  6. Yay for preschool leaving you home alone with your little one. I felt like that with my baby. Bless him, he's in year 2 now but thought today was a school day too, walked out of his bedroom in school shorts (no shirt of course, he never manages full uniform in one go) & giggled saying "oh, i don't get to see my friends". Worse, rainy day in with just his big sisters, no, they had a great day, love Posie

  7. It is a special time for the younger one to get that one-on-one time! So glad things are going so well for your big boy at kinder :-)

  8. I'm glad to hear the return to kinder has been a happy one, and the one on one time with number 2 sounds lovely. xx


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