Tuesday, February 1

Daddy's little poopa girl....

Something special happens with a father claps eyes on his daughter - it's a little bit of joy, pride, honour, mixed in with so much abundance of love and happiness - that it's no doubt a sacred bond it formed.

From the day she was born, my hubby has called her "Poopa" which translates to "a little doll" The other day, our little girl - who has grown up so much over summer, was trying to ride her brothers bike but was reminded it wasn't hers so she then moved onto a little trike (that used to be her brothers) but this was now too small.

I saw a glimmer in my hubby's eye - he laid a kiss on his daughter's head.  "we'll go shopping tomorrow dear Poppa".  And so we did.  Several shops later, she spied one and couldn't take her eyes of it....it was blue AND pink with streamers and a bell...

Nothing could wipe the smile of her face as she beamed with excitement that was her 1st bike.  
"Daddy get Poopa a new bike"  she kept saying over and over....

Thankyou daddy....

love your Poopa girl xx


  1. that is totally adorable, love the kini's on the earlier post xx

  2. I just thought Poopa was a great name for a baby!! That is so cute & yes, my husband is blessed with lots of little girls, they are all his girls, but our son is a Daddy's boy too!! Love Posie

  3. New bike! And little Poopa! Sooooooo gorgeous! x

  4. Awww that is a special moment going and getting a new bike with her Daddy. xo

  5. How adorable...our daughter is daddy's little girl too :)

  6. OMG so so so sweet! I love all your pics too!
    I agree....there is a special bond between a Daddy & Daughter. My Hubby spoils Ella so much it's ridiculous, but I swear he's addicted to her response & smiles :)

  7. What an adorable read. You're absolutely correct, there is something about daddy's and their little girls (even when they grow up to be big ones).
    Anyhow Brenda, I just wanted to also say a HUGE congratulations as you are my January Give Away winner for one of my gorgeous Soy Candles. A Lemon Biscotti will be on its way but first if you can pop over to my email - vintagebyloulou@live.com for your postal details would be fantastic.
    I hope you're having a top week.
    Lou xoxo

  8. Oh how gorgeous! The whole post just made me smile so much :-)


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