Monday, January 31

A fancy beach outing

We don't often go to the beach - well not as much as we probably should, but with the weather predicted for hot sunshine-y days on the weekend, hubby suggested we head to the sand and blue water....

hmm....then remembered that I'd started making a vintage inspired bikini for myself months ago that I did not get around to finishing (and with no hot weather for it's use anyway!)....

I finished it off, in the knick of time.  The best thing about making something like this, is really adjusting it to fit.  The top of the bikini was easy to make and only required a slight adjustment to ensure there was no slipage of their occupants....

I also added a waist-band on the breifs - as they - were a little too brief for my liking and considering I have not worn a bikini in over ten years, I had to be comfortable and confident.  This body has born two babies on the larger side of the scale (10pds and 8pds7oz respectively) so I was dubious at first, but with my alterations, was rather pleased with the outcome. 

And...No!  You will not be seeing a photo of me sporting my hand-stitched bikini.....but this a photo of my beloveds on the day at the beach... Look at all that slip, slop, slap action!  

I'm joining in with Kym today!  Why don't you snap some pics of an outfit you've worn this week!


  1. OOoh I love the style of your bikini....I have never in my life worn one and so don't have the body for it now after 5 babies :)
    I have made your turkish bread a few times and it's a huge hit...thanks for sharing the recipe

  2. Oh how divine is that bikini? I bet you looked STUNNING in it! My, you are SO CLEVER. And making your bikini to suit you... I'd give my um, stretchmarks for that! (Well, I'd actually give them away for less). And looking at that photo, I bet you weren't as sun smart in your gorgeous bikini! Thanks for linking up. Stunning. Just stunning! xx

  3. Gorgeous!!! So love that fabric!! And don't you just love how you can tie it really tight so nothing can escape (unlike my first beach outing with my then boyfriend/now hubby...mmm...maybe that's why he stuck around??!!) Brilliant job! You are so, so clever with the waist band addition. Bravo!! :) x x

  4. Very nice! Sadly my bikini wearing days are well and truly over, but if they weren't I'd wish I had a pair like those!

  5. Oh you are so clever - not just for making you're own bikini, but for thinking up that you don't actually have to be in the pic!! Smart girl :-)
    And gorgeous fabric btw!!


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