Wednesday, January 19

Pay it Forward (with a twist) - Adopt a softie

Ok - so a few days ago, I was lucky enough to stumble onto one of my favourite bloggers for her daily post, when I noticed that she was offering 5 lucky commenters the chance to receive a little handmade gift from her!  Whoo hoo - I was number 2 (or maybe 3) - Anyhoo I made it in....

And now I get the privilege to make the same offer - to Pay It Forward to 5 people!!!

However, there is a twist (I'm not sure if I'm allowed, but try and stop me!).  Given the current situation going on in Queensland and all that is going on in blogland to help out - I thought about my Pay It Forward contribution as another way to help!  Some of you know there is a Hope Softie Campaign going on and lots of people across the country are stitching up Softies including myself.   All the softies that are made will be given to children who have lost everything in the recent floods.

The idea came from the very blogger that I received this PIF from as she commented that she wished she could make a Hope Softie.  I told her that I would be making a few, so consider it that one of them will be made on her behalf.  I then got a heart felt message that read

"I will make a $20 donation to the QLD Flood Appeal given you are making a Softie for me"

I was so touched... I began to think.....

So This is my PIF -

  • You adopt a softie by making an official donation to the QLD Flood Appeal (I don't care how much or little) and come back and post your receipt number.  
  • Only the first 5 people will be able to adopt a softie.
  • I will make a softie on your behalf and and send to Steph who is campaigning for Hope Softies.  .  
  • You then, have to pay it forward to 5 people in your own way (make something for them) etc. 


*ps - for those 5 adoptees i will post you out a little handmade something from me - to say thanks xx


  1. Brilliant idea, Bren. I love it. x

  2. Oh so cute, i'm already doing a PIF so i'll leave it up to the next lucky 5. Great idea, oh, love & raising funds, love Posie

  3. My word, did I just see a softie go past riding a tumbleweed? x

  4. wish I wasn't already paying it forward otherwise I would love to be one of your five... but I'm going to go spread the word...

  5. Hell - I just saw a softie hanging on for grim life to the back of a wobbly wallaby swimming for its life!

  6. What a beautiful idea! Will share your post on twitter.

  7. Hello,

    not sure if i am too late... but regardless I have made a donation on your behalf. good luck sewing all the dolls. what a loving and generous gesture. xo m.

    Tax Receipt No: 3225403
    Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal
    ABN 69 689 161 916
    PO Box 15185 CITY EAST QLD 4002

  8. Thankyou so much Eco milf you are an absolute treasure!!!!!

  9. We love that EcoMILF (MILF!? I've seen American Pie... I have to go and visit her blog!!) x

  10. Hi I just made a donation - reciept number 3231873. I have just done two pif's in a month so if okay I won't do another I have lots of things on and to make right now. I am glad to help out though :-) xx

  11. What a glorious twist! Thank you for taking part!


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