Sunday, January 16

M.I.A {missing in action}

My sewing machine is currently in for repairs - It's 12 years old, and well, I use it all the time, but just after a Christmas sewing spree it was really clunking along and I could no longer ignore it....

Sad fact is I miss my trusty little Elna and wish her a speedy return so that I can get to making all the Hope Softie patterns I've cut up ready to sew, fill and post to this lovely Queenslander.

But not to be detered, I've managed to make one little hand sewn Elephant softie in the mean time.  He's rather cute with felt ears and eyes and bright contrasting orange blanket stitching.



  1. Oh Bren he is gorgeous!! Thanks so much for your wonderful support!! Have a HUGE amount of ladies making softies which is just marvelous!! Wishing you a lovely week :) x x

  2. Oh, he is adorable!! And totally hand made - not even a machine. Oh bless. You're are so amazing. (And so is elephant). xx

  3. He is lovely!! You've done so well even without your machine!!
    Thank you so much for putting me on to this appeal - it's made me feel so much better to be *doing* something :-)


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