Saturday, January 15

I'm grateful for.....{the spirit...}

Oh what a week...I returned to blogging this week after a little time off over Christmas and New Year.  The emotion that is engulfing us all right now is so raw and heavy....

Joining in with Maxabella Loves...the Queen of Grateful-ness.  Right now, I am grateful for...

The Spirit.....

The Spirit to help
to endure
to lend a hand
an ear
a voice.

To put your hand up and say
"I can this way or that"

I am awe struck by the amazing Spirit that is my Fellow Australian's at this time of need. 

To join in go here


And - if you can help out in a small crafty way - by making a Hope Softie for the kids in Queensland who need a little comfort.
Click here and email Stephanie - every little bit helps!


  1. The human spirit is an amazing thing. I'm often curious about how hard it is to crush despite what happens around us. Thank you for posting such beautiful and hopeful words. xx

  2. Truly beautiful and I think we could do with some of those nifty little elephants to suck up all this excess water!

    Felicity x

  3. wonderful post... and thank you for sharing the link... I shared with my Etsy team there are some in the team that can sew...

  4. I am loving watching the tragedy in QLD encourage people to reach out and get to know their neighbours. Lovely post.

  5. Thank you for putting me on to the hope softies post - I have had a go at making my first ever softie (bit spaz, but they *will* get better!!)
    Love the aussie spirit too :-)

  6. Wow what a touching post. Our prayers and thoughts are with all those affected

  7. Oh if only I could sew! Lovely post by a very lovely bloggy friend.
    Tamara xo


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