Monday, January 10

whilst I was away.....

Oh it's good to be back!  wow - 2011...what will the year hold??

I hope that your festive season was Merry and New Year kicked off with a sh-bang....

....So whilst I wasn't's a little wrap up of what went on!

1. was in charge of cooking Christmas dinner and managed to cook a 4.5 kilo turkey and this great glazed ham. 
2. started restoring these thrifted chairs. 
3. made a fabric hopscotch for the kids
4. booked in some stalls at this market
5. made some kid-friendly sewing kits
6. enjoyed lazy days in the back yard with the kids eating ice-cream on mini cones!
7. my little girl toilet trained herself - no kidding.  I put the undies on, pointed to the potty and she never missed a beat!
8. Enjoyed time with family and friends
9. went cherry picking with the kids
10. re-decorated my son's room
11. marveled at some lovely handmade gifts i received xx

I'll blog a bit more about some of the projects I've been working on in the next few weeks!

My favourite memory of the holidays has to be my son waking up on Christmas morning.  We went up to County Vic to stay with family and be with our young neices.  My son woke early and asked if he could sneak into the lounge room to see if Santa had come.  He took one look under the tree, put his arm up in a little fist and quietly but emphatically went "yeeeeessss".

Looking forward to seeing what you all have been up to and getting on with sharing some other projects I've install for this year! 


  1. Yay, you're back! I missed you!!

    You've been up to a lot... I did basically nothing on my hols. Typical. I'll enjoy reading more about your projects. Happy 2011, Brenda and family!! x

  2. gorgeous gorgeous pic!!
    much happiness & love for the new year Brenda & beautiful family.
    hope to pop into a market to visit you this time.
    many hugs ♥

  3. Oh that is one hell of a turkey you managed to cook up there!! Happy new year & looking forward to your family & creations in 2011. Love Posie

  4. So lovely to have you back!!! What a beautiful family piccie....and what a heavenly sounding holiday. Can't wait to see those chairs revamped! Wishing you a gorgeous week full of even more crafting...and gorging on cherries.
    Many hugs x x


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