Saturday, January 29

I'm grateful for.....{drinks}

Oh the sun is shining....Melbourne is finally getting some much needed summer weather we have all been craving...and no just 25 degrees - it's gonna hit 40 tomorrow!!  BRING IT ON!!

An whilst I've really only had to flick the switch on the air conditioner once or twice this summer, I've been enjoying some rather refreshing summer drinks.

Joining in with with the ever so refreshing Maxabella - today, I'm grateful for....

1. Peroni - I've never been a beer drinker, and still don't consider myself one...but a Peroni on a summers afternoon is just delightful!

2. Affogatto - This drink is just pure genius (see above image) .  One shot of espresso, one shot of chosen liquour (frangelico for me) with a generous dollop of vanilla ice-cream and you've just made yourself one hellava easy dessert!  Great to impress friends, serve in a cocktail glass if you will!  OR omit the grog and enjoy it in the afternoon (or with grog - if thats your thing).  Restaurants charge around $15 for this easy concoction!  Go - on try it....

3. Mojito's - Ahhhh a cocktail to rival all!  it's refreshing, mint-y, packed with lime and alcoholic goodness and after loads of these beauties the other weekend, I've marked them as my favourite..

Happy grateful day to you all


  1. The Mojito and I have become firm friends this Summer. Anything with mint in it. I love ginger too (not that a Mojito has ginger, but just thought I'd put it out there!!) x

  2. i love drinks. but not so much of the alcoholic kind anymore. <3

  3. Agreed - all GREAT drinks! Now I have a craving for all 3 of them....

  4. I might have to mix myself up a mojito over the next few days, perfect weather for one. I remember my first affogatto only a few years ago......heavenly!

  5. I'm not much of an alcohol drinker...but love a good coffee and an affogatto is a beaut desert even without a bit of whipped cream on my coffee too...yum...fab desert as well!

  6. Ahhhh I could go a affogatto right about now :)

    I made your turkish bread the other night and what a treat it buying it anymore

  7. affogatto - who ever invented this better have received a sainthood! Just perfect :-)
    have a great weekend

  8. I confess I'm looking forward to a bit of summer here in Melbourne. Although I'm worried I might be a bit hot today! Lovely drinks. I don't drink alcohol, but the pictured drink does make me want an iced chocolate. YUM! On Australia Day we had some girls coming round with homemade lemonade, and my son and I were inspired! Now I'm off to refill our ice cube trays... x

  9. Frangelico is my liquer of choice also.... yum! If only I was a coffee drinker, as that looks delicious!


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