Wednesday, January 26

One Year Ago....

Today my little wee blog turns 1 - yep a whole year of blogging from MiraNarnie headquarters!! 

  I remember the night well - It was late - Australia Day Public Holiday nearly over and our movie for the night had finished. I was on the computer, searching a bit of Etsy, a bit of crafty stuff....and checking out some blogs that I knew about but had to memorise in order to go and visit....

"could I.....hmmm.....really?  Surely I couldn't blog?  erh...I'll give it a go.....

And so I did!  It was really late - and I turned to my husband and said "I think I just started a blog!"
"A blob?"
"No a blog..."
But to this day darling dearest still refers to this little creative outlet of mine as The Blob!  I think it's cute...he often asks, "what's going on blob today?"  

365 days later and I'm having a ball!  It has opened my world to a lovely bloggy community, a place where crafty, vintage-y, fabric loving, young at heart, high spirited and all round fantastic people hang out!  I do so often put an open palm up to my forehead and say "why oh why did I take so long"

But the main thing is I'm here now.  Here are few snippets of what I got up to over the year. Some highlights for me; opening up a shop on Etsy and Made It; booking a stall at various markets; meeting some amazing bloggers both face to face and virtually; having some great giveaways; receiving some lovely handmade treasures; participating in swaps; being motivated to get out of the trackies and take pictures of myself,  finding awesome recipes that make you stop whatever it was you were doing (which was finding the recipe!) to go and cook/bake said recipe; being inspired, sharing stories, but most of all...

just feeling part of a great community! Happy Bloggy Birthday Blob!



  1. Aw, that's lovely! I'm glad you're blogging too. And I love your husband's name for it!

  2. Happy Bloggy Birthday! It's been lovely to visit & get to know you here in blogland..

  3. Oh happy one year anniversary! Your blog, er blob, is simply lovely.xx

  4. Your blob is one??? Oh wow! Congratulations. I feel so geratric in this blobbing game. But I'm loving the community that it brings. Also, can't stop laughing about your hubby's comment. I'm going to call mine a blob now too ;) xx

  5. Good for you, Brenda and your blob.

  6. happy blob birthday Bren!!
    you are such a sweet & lovely person & your blog reflects that.

    gee you have done heaps in one year!
    looking forward to many many more of your bloggy birthdays & your wonderful creations & posts
    hugs ♥

  7. Happy Blog-a-versary! Always love popping in and reading your lovely blog.

  8. Happy Bloggy Birthday Sweet Girl!
    So glad I found your little blog!
    Tamara xo

  9. Happy Bloggy Birthday :)
    I haven't been following long but am really enjoying your blog

  10. Happy blobby birthday.
    Love reading about your life and crafty adventures. xox

  11. Happy Blob Birthday! We are all very glad you did start a blog! I feel lucky to have been one of those bloggers to have met you face to face! Looking forward to some more Mira Narnie goodness in the year to come!

  12. A whole year? You've done a HUGE amount in such a short time! It seems as though I have been visiting your blog for much longer than that...a very Happy Anniversary to you and may there be many more blob-aversaries to come!

  13. Hi Brenda I'm your newest follower and what a time to start! Happy 1st blogoversary - a splendid achievement. I'm so pleased you've found it so joyous. J x


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