Thursday, January 13


It's raining here in Melbourne and it's humid too.  I'm not complaining.  I don't think I would even dare.  there is something quite reflective about the weather and it's hard not to think about what our fellow Australian's are experiencing in Queensland.  My heart goes out to all that are suffering, have lost, are uncertain, afraid and at a loss to comprehend it all.

I've seen so much amazing generosity from around the blogging community.  If you aren't sure how you can help, check out links from LexiSophie  and a great collective auction at Make it Perfect - some great ways to spread some love!

And to all the lovely bloggers in Queensland - hang in there, stay safe and know that we are all thinking of you xx



  1. There is an amazing appeal at Make it Perfect with over 130 bloggers donating handmade goodness by way of auction & raffle, i've got my goodies already live + a neat giveaway, just because. Love Posie

  2. Aren't we though? Poor things. I can't imagine what they must be feeling as that water keeps rising and rising. x

  3. Hello lovely! Things are looking rather grim up here but it is so heart warming to see all the blogging community coming together!! I'm trying to organise a softie drive to provide a small bit of comfort to all the children in emergency shelters at present and for quite a while to come. Would you do me a giant favour and firstly, make me a little something gorgeous (it can be tiny and not very grand) to start me off and secondly, put a link on your blog to encourage others to make something. I'm going batty not being able to help. I need to do something and crafting is all I know. Will give you a call when things settle a little. Hope your munchkins are well and thank-you for all your sweet meassages. You really are the bestest blogging friend a girl could have :) x x

  4. How could we possibly complain? I know I've been thinking exactly the same way and counting my blessings, but then wishing I could do more. xx


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