Monday, January 24

A fancy surprise

What a weekend!!  I've been up to some sneaking around of late....

organising, scheming, and masterminding....

The event was my Sister-in-laws 30th Birthday - and her hubby and I decided a little "surprise party" could be just the ticket....

So a lunch time booking was made for a lovely little Italian Resturant that very good family friends run in Country Victoria....

When packing the night before - I had focused so much on invites, rsvp's, catering, balloons, and a gift, that my own attire was left till the last minute.  A quick survey of my wardrobe and I thought this bright dress would be ideal.  I quickly tried it on, added a belt, snapped a few pics (I now trust pictures over the mirror!) and was done.   It's a silk dress, but surprisingly very easy and comfy to wear.  It has two cute little front pockets (essential for mothers!) and i love the little gathered sleeve and zipper right down the middle!

Linking up with Kym for "fancy pants" - get out of those trackies - just for a day (or an hour!) and take a snap and link up so we can share our fashion finds, tips and tricks.  I'm even including my hubby and kids today!  Although I didn't get a picture of myself on the actual day (as i was the one taking all the photos!)  My tip for this outfit, was the decision to wear flats - so practical given I was chasing my kids and my neices around!!

I'm wearing: 
dress; Barkins (bought online at Ozsale for a fraction of the price)
belt; gift from my mum
shoes; Dorothy perkins

Jeans; Industrie
shirt; bought in Italy 5 years ago
hat; can't remember!
glasses; John Richmond (bought online on sale)

My son wears;
striped polo; local kids shop
shorts; pumpkin patch

daughter wears;
dress;  her very own MiraNarnie dress (made by me!)
bolero; target


  1. What a gorgeous family you all are (and nice too - organising a surprise party is such hard work!!)

    ASIDE from the trilby. You know I have an unexplainable yet passionate dislike for those hats. It can't be helped. x

  2. Oh how gorgeous you all look. I'm loving your style, and your gorgeous mini-me and her divine little dress. Isn't she lucky she has you as her designer/dress maker? Thanks for linking up at this week's Fancy Pants. You are the best sister in law ever ;) xx

  3. You look beautiful, such a pretty summery dress and your two little cuties are adorable. I hope you had a great time and your sister in law got a lovely surprise, aren't you sweet. xo

  4. Oh I see you are related to Kymmie!! How cool. You both have such awesome style :-) I love the lil misses dress lots. You have a great looking family :-) xx

  5. Oh I am loving that dress!!! GORGEOUS!! And you make a stunning family too my dear. Such a lovely thought for your sister in law. The restaurant sounds heaven. Hope all is lovely with you :) x x


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