Tuesday, January 25

the little price of happiness...

It's amazing what a small bit of loose change can do to a girls internal happiness radar! 
A few weeks before Christmas I was frantically trying to get everything sorted (gifts that is) AND prepare for my last market of the year.....

It was a good market - although we had been moved into another room and this room, was, well, a bit smaller, so all us stall holders with our tables, and racks, props and bags were squished together like sardines. 

My lovely little stall holder next to me was setting up her delightful little vintage jewellery stall......amongst her gems I eyed off this sweet little tapestry purse...

I waited, and when I had a  few sales - I asked if I could buy it! 
"sure $3 thanks!"
"What!" - Had I known I would have snapped it up straight away

This little gem now holds my coins and I love walking to the local shops, to spend a few dollars on some milk or treats for the kids. 

Ever snap up a little gem that makes you smile?? I've linked this up with Sophie as she's having a giveaway!  Stop past and take a look!



  1. Ooh what a darling little purse that is and the perfect size for a few coins.

  2. It is lovely! My Granny uses one like this, and I have always loved it.

  3. I had a purse just like that when I was younger... if only I'd realised that in the future I'd appreciate vintage, instead of getting rid of things because they were old!


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