Wednesday, January 12

kids room; re-decorating for the boy!

On my list of things to do these holidays one of them was to tackle my son's room.  With no real plan, other than I knew I wanted to de-clutter, there was some rather impromtu re-decorating going on.

(the before shot!)

My son is now 4.5 years old and really developing his sense of play, interests and favourite themes, toys and even colours.  When he moved from a cot to the bed, we already had a single bed and base, but due to the fact that he loved to sleep right up the top of his cot (often we could hear him banging into it in the night) I knew he needed a soft bedhead, so rather quickly and hastily I made one up from ply-wood rounded at the edges and covered in wadding and then some plain blue drill fabric I had lying around stapled to the back and then the whole thing attached to the bed.

(to get the right fit, I just laid fabric wrong side facing up and pinned it is place at the side seams - removed it and machine stitched it down the sides)

 But it was time for a change, so my son and I headed to spotlight, and he picked out some great looking striped fabric for a new bed head (this time I learnt and made a slip so it is removable and hence washable!)

The little narrow desk actually used to be a hall table that I got hubby to cut a bit of length off the legs so it was at kids height. 

We changed the position of the bed, hung up a bit of homemade bunting (in matching colours and mandatory car theme patterns).

We were also lucky enough that my bestie from when I was a nappy wearing toddler has an older brother whom in his adolescent youth participated in a hobby that involved stealing collecting street signs - so we gladly took a few off his hands and hung them up on the wall! Voila!

Time to give this new room his seal of approval!


  1. How fantastic! Love the bunting. Love the bed head. Love the desk. Love the road sign.
    What can I say?? I *do* hope he loved it as much as me!!!

  2. Great idea - I never thought of making it interchangeable

  3. Great fun, it looks terrific. A great spot for a little fellow to let loose. x

  4. Oh fabulous! You're absolutely, wonderfully clever! XX

  5. What a great makeover. I love the idea of a padded bedhead and the changeable slip cover. Something for me to consider myself as my big little girl is about to move into her first bed.


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