Friday, January 14

*hope softies*

My bestie bloggy Steph has started up a little campaign to help the smallest and vulnerable victims on the tragic floods that have gripped Queensland.  Steph contacted me yesterday to see if I could jump on board and help out by making a few softies for children and campaigning to see if others can do the same.  I jumped so quick my mind has not stopped racing.....

So I'm singing out to all your crafty types - we need softies!

If you can make just one small little softie (or more) and post it to Steph who lives in Brisbane, she will ensure that it gets to a small child in need and who possibly has lost everything sentimental. Steph and I are stay and home mumma's of small children, so instead of feeling helpless, lets use our maternal understanding of the importance children place on a toy that comforts them and provides security and allows imagination to flow.

Here are some links to some free downloadable patterns for softies to get you started;

Mooshy bear

and for those that don't have a sewing machine (or like me, mine is in for repairs!)  click on this link and click on the elephant softie - it is hand sewn!

free softies

and for the more advanced crafter, try this great pattern!

Oopsie the octopus

So if you think you can help - pop over to Stephanie at Mon Petit Poppet and send her a message so that you know where to post your softies to.  Such a small gesture but will warm the hearts and instill hope again for the future of one little child.



  1. Good on you, Brenda. I saw Steph's post earlier and it touched my heart. I would make a softie if I could, but it is not something I can do without help. But I'm sending you good sewing vibes!! x

  2. :) I have signed up

  3. What a great idea, especially for those not in a position to make a donation. Will get started tonight, without feeling guilty about crafting and neglecting housekeeping duties!


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