Sunday, February 27

fancy pants - Brunch anyone?

A special little outing this morning for the whole family - we were invited over for brunch at a friends place.  A lovely mother and her daughter whom I meet whilst we were at swimming lessons with our children.  We bonded instantly, and have since become lovely friends... it was time for our husbands to meet.  Is it just me, or is that a time where you nervously wait to see if they'll get along (hoping?) - no need to worry, they bonded too and before long they were talking like old friends!

We were spoilt with delicious breakfast of bacon, eggs, toast, coffee and treats. I baked a walnut coffee cake and our kids were excited about playing with their new friend.  

Melbourne has put on a typically miserable day today and I hate to think Summer is truely over (boo hoo!).  I still needed to feel as I was dressing for summer, so choose this summery dress, but of course added some layers to keep me warm.

These are the only shoes I've bought this season, and I love them.  The neutral colour means they go with everything and the height is just perfect (ie, not too high!!).  I also got some pink Clinique lippy from a friend that I wasn't sure was my kind of colour - but I tried it out and I really like the soft girly pink.

Linking up with this fancy gal - join us!

dress - gift from my Nonna (she bought it on her last trip to Italy)
cardi - oh it's so old i can't remember!
tights - target
shoes - betts
earrings - sportgirl
bangles - tilkah
lippy - clinique - kissfit


  1. you look pretty! And how cool that your g-ma bought such a great dress for you. . .and that it's Italian too. Impressive.

  2. You look awesome. I love that dress. What a trendy Nonna you have. How funny as I wore a cardi that looks the same colour as yours. My post will be up later so you can see. Oh and I LOVE when ppl invite us over for a meal... can't beat someone else cooking!

  3. You look so lovely, Brenda. I'm glad you've made such fab new friends too! x

  4. Just lovely! This is so cheering, I love these posts

  5. Pretty, pretty, pretty! I love the prints of that dress.

  6. The blogger comment section on your blog does not like me. I've tried to comment here a few night's in a row, but alas not much luck yet!

    I'm loving your Nonna's style. What a groovy gran! Glad your double date went well. I've met some fabulous new people at the pool and love being part of a new community.

    But as for you... bangles, wedges, cardi. It's all so perfect for you. (And even the lipstick too!)

  7. You look so radiant and beautiful!! Those colours really suit you!! And I know the feeling with lippie. You've inspired me to crank up the lip colour a notch or two. So, so pretty :) x x


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