Thursday, February 17

my creative space...{admiration for handmade}

...I've had a little influx of handmade goodies come my way lately.  So instead of showing you what I'm making, I'll show you some others' goodies that have found their way to my place...

I think once you start opening up your mind and eyes to the world of handmade, and once you start giving handmade, and little cycle begins....

...These are some lovely treasures that have been bestowed upon me...

My crafty bestie Nicola  has returned from living in WA for four years is now only a suburb away....we have known each other since we were in nappies and our mum's were drinking tea from fine China and discussing perms, nylons and the best slow cook recipes from the Weekly.  Nicola and I have been busy chatting away our next crafting projects, have plans to do an upholstery course and have already planned some thrifting expeditions.

Nicola surprised me the other day with a gorgeous set of hand-crafted coasters and a lovely oven mitt.

A gorgeous bloggy friend known to many of you, also surprised with some very sweet handmade delights.  This gorgeous embroidered artwork takes pride and place near my dressing table - embroidered are the words 'somewhere over the rainbow' - and seeing it everyday really brings a smile to my face.

 I also have this little gorgeous garden ornament which is made using recycled materials - including an old railway nail!  Given to me by another gorgeous friend. 

What's happening in your space - check out more creativity here!


  1. Oh, your friends are just as creative as you! Isn't it lovely to receive as well as give? Lucky you, blessed with gorgeous clever friends - just like you! xx

  2. Gosh, you are very lucky. You sure know some talented people.

  3. Wow, you have some pretty gorgeous and generous friends!!

  4. Adore the dragonfly particularly. We have a 'space dog'... hmmm... might need to blog about him as it's a bit difficult to explain!! x

  5. Oh I adore the embroidered art work...just lovely.
    There is nothing like giving and receiving handmade goodies.

  6. How very lovely to have her so close again - oh the fun you will have together!!

  7. I love Op Shops. Its where I often get my best buttons. As I travel the OZ roads I find great offerings in little country villages. Best so far are along the Murray. Im new at blogging and was quite taken by your site. Cheers C


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