Saturday, February 19

I'm grateful for {THOSE questions}

It can't be Saturday again?  Surely not...., but alas it is and it means I get to link up with the ever so talented Bron, at Maxabella Loves!

If you've followed my blog for a little while, you might remember I have made reference a few times to my son's growing need to ask more and more questions.  And then I blogged about this particularly funny comment my son made about when he was a baby.

Well, I think this week I need to be grateful for the ever challenging questions getting thrown at me at any given point by my 4.5 year old son...

The other night at dinner the conversation went like this;

him; Mum - how do babies come out of tummy's?
me; A baby doctor helps
him; oh - but how?
me; the mummy goes to hospital and the baby doctor helps the mummy get the baby out.
him; are there baby doctors at the hospital?
me; yes, mostly, and nurses.
him; but how does the baby doctor take the baby out of the mummy's tummy?
me; the baby doctors are very clever and know how to do it.
him; but how?
me; I'm not a baby doctor.
him; but did you go do hospital and have a baby doctor take me out.
me; yes
him; BUT HOW????

(arrggghhhhh - do I need to use the word vagina at the dinner table!) No, i think not.

me; hows your dinner?
him; may I have more sauce please? *

me; (phew!)**

Happy Grateful Day xx


*and yes, after long and repetitive nurturing, we have manners! 
**Clearly I know this is only a temporary solution - perhaps I need to get the picture above! 


  1. heheee...ahhhh, looking forward to it!

    we get some questions, haven't got the persistent one like you but the other day when Amelie saw a baby just born & being held by it's mum on a doco, she asked why the baby looked soo yukky.

    I answered as best I could

  2. yikes!!! Ok, at least I have daughters so it shouldn't be as awkward.... or will it? ;)
    Maybe if it's at the dinner table and they ask how do babies get into the mumma's tummy? and dadda's sitting right there.... THEN I'd say it's gonna be awkward!!!
    Gotta love kids, so curious and to the point.

  3. very funny - nice avoidance! Those questions are best faced head on in my opinion, but we tend to use very medical terms here that tends to put them off. I'm actually still waiting for the actual and direct question of how babies are made....

  4. Oh I so remember conversations like this, hehe. My son at the same age had an argument with a child at school as this child told him that babies come through their mummies belly son turned around and said ...NO, they come out of your mummies nono - we have always found honesty is the best policy with our children and use the Maori words for anatomical terms. As in your case I think it is best to change the subject rather than give untrue answers :)

  5. Oh no, not THOSE questions... I did my best with mine, but I believe Max thinks babies come out when you wee and Cappers thinks the man unzippers the lady's CS scar and puts the baby in. Not bad!? x

  6. haha. Fun stuff. Piper has been asking questions since she could string 2 words together. If she asks something, I give it to her straight - much to my husbands astonishment sometimes. So she knows where babies come out from, what periods are for, but so far she hasn't asked how babies get into your tummy - phew! xx

  7. I have a very persistent question asker here, so far I have managed to answer about as much as you have. I'm not sure how to answer the next bit so have gone with distraction!

    We have also had the questions about how the baby got in there... and today he said "when I was a little nut [seed] in your tummy - what did i eat?". :D

  8. oh dear, I dread this day! I figure I will just let Dad do the talking.....after all having two boys I figure I am not all that qualified to explain the boy side of the story right?
    Have a great weekend.

  9. Love it Brenda!! We had lots of questions from then Mr 4 when pregnant with our 3rd. He eventually seemed satisfied with the old "the doctor reaches into Mum's tummy and pulls the baby out"! He didn't question where they enter so I left that to a later stage!!

  10. This is so funny Brenda! I love this (and your subtlety!!!) Priceless. I had two emergency caesarians so my eldest boy knows that he came out of my tummy (literally). That saves SOOO many questions. So far anyway!

    Thanks for sharing this gorgeous story! xx


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