Sunday, February 20

A made-to-measure kind of fancy

 I made a bit of a promise to myself that this year I would try and make more clothes for myself.

Well, so far so good.  I was visiting a lovely fashionista blogger - Jacinta, a few weeks back when I noticed this outfit she was wearing and commented on how fabulous her skirt was.  When she replied stating that it was a simple design with elastic in the back, my mind started ticking..... with a Spotlight voucher sitting idle in my purse for 7 months I raided my draw full of patterns and headed off on a mission.  I was really worried once I got home that I'd made the wrong fabric choice....the green, seemed, well - too green. But I really loved the bright peachy/pink roses and that hint of black throughout had me thinking it would be ideal to team it up with a simple black singlet.

Of course, I didn't follow the pattern to the letter - i made it up as I went.  I cut the skirt on the bias, added an invisible zipper on the side, and then added some really light weight interfacing to the front facing, and only made a casing at the back for the elastic.  I didn't want to do elastic all the way round and have it bunching up at the front!

 It was virtually a made-to-measure skirt as I had it all done, except the length of elastic to feed through the back, so I tried it on, pulled the elastic until it was the right tension and sitting just slightly above my hips.

And since this fabric was marked down, it cost around $16 to make!  I've paid much more for a pair of trackies!

I'll be here today - selling cute little floral skirts for little girls, cards, key fobs and if your around, pop in and say hi!

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Singlet - Cotton On
Belt - Dotti
Skirt - Made by me!
Bracelet - bought in a small stall on the side of the road in Rome, Italy (ohhh memories!)



  1. Oh that is magic you clever thing! Looks gorgeous!!! That fabric is stunning! Best of luck at your market today. Hope you sell oodles and oodles and then can hop off to spotlight next week for new fabric (for you of course!). Big hugs :) x

  2. Oooh that's cute! Great job!
    I can't sew to save my envy you clever ladies :)

  3. Well done - that fabric is an eye catcher! You look fab and proud.

    Enjoy the markets. x

  4. YAY! It looks perfect and great for summer... which err, Melb isn't really providing today! That's so cool that you went out and just got it done. I'm such a bad procrastinator... must get some clothes sewing started AND finished! Hope your day went well! xo

  5. Oh I love!!! Gorgeous fabric and perfect with a black singlet (and that stunning little belt and that bracelet). Gush, gush. So jealous you can make your own clothes!

    I hope the market goes well! xx

  6. i think you are just way too clever for words, with this weather though you better get knitting yourself some cardys ...

  7. I so want to raid your wardrobe! I LOVE this outfit!!!


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