Monday, February 7

a fancy award!

A week or so ago the lovely Tamara from One Craftee Mumma awarded me the Stylish Blogger Award and I was tickled pink!  So I thought what better way to celebrate this award than during a fashion post, linking up with stylish diva Kymmie with her Fancy Pants link up.....

And instead of detailing seven random things about me, I'll make them all "style" here goes.

1.  I've always loved fashion and would make scrapbooks filled with outfits I loved, cut out from magazines - unfortunately due to no ability to draw, my attempt at fashion design was all but a dream.

2.  I've learnt to know what suits my body shape - this can take some time (and it's ever evolving - kids will do that to you!).  When so many stores are dictated what is fashionable (and then repeated in every store), it can be difficult, but I try to be true to my shape, and don't buy into the craze  - instead opting for accessories.

3.  And on that point, I think accessories make a great (and cheap) addition to any wardrobe.  Be it a belt, cocktail ring, large hoops or thrifted scarf - you can turn any drab outfit into fab!

4.  If you're not sure - take a photo!  Of yourself that is - since doing these fashion posts on my blog, I've learnt sometimes the only way to really see what you look like is to snap a pic....

5. I enjoy injecting style into our home too - from photos, to antique furniture and home-made artwork.  Creating a personal and warm home environment is just like creating a nice outfit.   It's fun to think outside the square - and blogland offers endless inspiration!

6. I plan on making more of my own clothes this year.

7.  A bright coloured winter overcoat is on my wish list!!!

Now I have a duty to pass this Stylish Blogger award on - so here are a few blogs that are indeed - very stylish!

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Photos taken by;  my 4 year old son!

Maxi Dress - from local dress shop
Cardigan - Portmans (because Melbourne had a typically cold day!)
Sandals - Target
Earrings - Diva
Sunglasses - Versace (my splurge from 6 years ago!)

Come and join in some fashionista fun here!


  1. Aren't you just gorgeous...I love your maxi dress!!

    I too am hoping to attempt to sew for myself this year, starting with a jumpsuit and some dresses.

    Your son looks like a photographer in the making :)

  2. I love that your boy took these pics. No wonder Mum looks so beautiful in them. x

  3. Congrats on the award! I definitely want to sew my own clothes too.
    And wow! thanks for passing the award on! Feel very honoured. :)

  4. I super love everything about this post ;-D And I personally subscribe to your style rules 1-6 (only because we don't experience snow here). Hooray for sensible fashion.

  5. Thanks so much for passing on the award...I'm honored! This is my first time on your blog and I can't wait to start following along :).

    p.s. I've recently started taking photos of outfits too. It's amazing how much more detail you can see in a photo rather than the reflection in the mirror.

  6. Oh, I love these photos. You're 4 year old has some talent. As does mummy. Love the dress, love the accessories, love everything actually! And it's so good to get to know you better. I think we are very similar. And accessories are my favourite things. Now I want to visit your house and see the gorgeousness that is you! Thanks for linking up again. I love seeing what you wear each week! xx

  7. What a treasure your little man is! He must have been super chuffed seing his piccies on the computer!! And scrapbooks....still doing them! Have no where to ear half of what I rip out of mags but get such a kick out of putting it all together. Looking so lovely!!! That dress looks so chic! And congrats on the award stylish lady :) x x

  8. Love that dress! You're right that being a mum makes you re-think what you wear.
    I think I'm more aware of what suits ME rather then opting for the fads.
    I do like your style : )

  9. Congratulations for this award, you certainly deserve it. Your blog is a joy to read.

  10. A great post with some great advice. Loving the accessories, but I think the winning smile is the best of all!

  11. Wow! Want to know what's really funny? I started reading this post yesterday, got halfway through and then got interrupted ("Mummy, cuddle?" - which translates to, 'stop what you are doing and pay me more attention, slack Mum'). So I didn't realise you'd passed it on to me too! Thanks so much, that's really kind. Am feeling so NOT stylish today (esp as am writing this in my threadbare pjs), will have to lift my game! Love the tip about taking a photo - I suddenly realised that it's no wonder I am having a wardrobe crisis at the moment - our house has no mirrors except for weeny ones in the bathroom. Hmmm. Anyway, hope you have a great week xx

  12. gotta get a maxi!


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