Thursday, February 3

10 years ago....

So hard to believe it's been ten years!  Time really does fly when you having fun (and in love!)....

You could say it started like this.....

I was a school girl, our meeting by pure chance.....but that instant attraction, that gut retching sensation when I laid eyes on his blue like the sea blue eyes  - we fell so deeply....

He proposed only six months after we first meet 

Our wedding was lovely, sweet, simple and our promise was forever... 
From then we've laughed and cried, made dreams come true and

brought two little magic people into the world....

Happy Ten Year Wedding Anniversary my sweet love....

What a journey this has been...

You are wonderful man, friend and husband.  

Loving you is so much fun!

Just a little stitch of love from me to you....


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  1. Happy anniversary! Such beautiful photo's.

  2. Happy 10 year Anniversary to a couple who clearly are so very in love:) Beautiful photos of the two of you. Have a wonderful time celebrating together. xo

  3. Congratulations! A lovely post!

  4. So totally adorable!! I married my teen love as well, have never looked back. I see your husband had a full head of hair when you met - then . . . met the same fate as my husband - he blames me!! Happy anniversary, 10, exciting stuff!! Then you realise it just makes you feel so much older!! We're up to 17 years, gulp, 14 years of marriage, a high schooler, seriously, so mid 30s now. Love Posie

  5. Ahhh, beautiful Brenda. What a lovely couple you are and such beautiful words for your husband! I hope you have lots more wonderful years ahead of you.

    We are nearly at 11 years - seems like no time in some ways but a lifetime ago at the same time!


  6. Awww so cute that it almost makes me want to believe that Love actually does exist in a pure form...

  7. you guys rock x sounds like a good excuse to have an extra glass of vino on sunday to celebrate !!

  8. What a beautiful post, you are an adorable couple.

    I too married my teen love, it was literally love at first sight and although we have been together almost 20yrs it took us 8 yrs to make it to the aisle :)

    Happy anniversary

  9. Congratulations! Such a sweet post! :)

  10. Congrats!!! You are a beautiful family. We have our 11years on Saturday :-)

  11. happy 10 year anniversary Bren!
    what a sweet, sweet post & the guys are just the spunkiest couple.

    hope you have many more wonderful memories created together.

    much love & hugs to you ♥

  12. Oh gorgeous loves!! You simply radiate a deep love for each other from the day dot!! What a magic bond you share. So amazing to find your soul buddy isn't it?! Enjoy your heart fluttering romance lovely girl...and be so very proud of such a wonderful marriage :) x x
    P.S. ANd i'll not hear another word about bride envy my dear...STUNNING!!!!

  13. Congratulations, such a moving post.
    I love that you say that your husband is your friend, may he be your friend forever.

  14. Love this post!! So great to hear couple still in love and going strong.
    Loving the old photos too

  15. Beautiful, Bren. I'm in love with your love. x


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