Tuesday, February 8

my NEW bling....

OK, so this little Valentine's Day inspired link up - where we share some of loved and treasured bling could not have come at a better time.... Before I start - let it be clear that I don't really conspire to the notion that is Valentine's Day (nor does hubby) - I think I would prefer to receive or give a little sign of romance on any other day - but i digress....

you see...hubby and I just celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary and a few month prior, hubby dropped a big hint that he wanted to get me ring - and he needed my help!

So with a visit to our local and lovely jeweller, my favourite bling, happens to be my NEW bling....

It's white gold, with diamonds around the band...the main stone is a brilliant cut set in a four claw setting.  She sparkles and shines and it's a lovely reminder of ten years spent together.

 Do you know what stone it is??  I was surprised!  Have a guess....

And do post up a story about your bling that you love and link up with Maxabella and Gifts of Serendipity on Valentines Day!  Click on the side bar image for more bling-licious detail!



  1. Lucky girl! It's such a beautiful ring. I have no idea what stone it is... but who cares! She's a beauty.

    See you on Val's Day for the link-up. x

  2. I know but I cheated by asking before this post, so I'll leave it up to the rest of you, it sure is a dazzler x

  3. It's so gorgeous! And yellow!!! Yay! Is it Topaz? My birth stone so just a guess. Still can't believe how similar we are. Hubby and I are EXACTLY the same when it comes to VDay! What a special momento of such a wodnerful marriage :) x

  4. What a gorgeous ring, I love it. Also love the yellow stone, which makes it that little bit different to what most other people have. I'm guessing that they yellow stone is either a Citrine, Yellow Topaz or (not sure how accurate the colour is in the photos) a green Peridot? Regardless of what it is though, it's a beauty!

  5. Oh, so lovely! And I know I've already congratulated you on 10 years, but I'm going to say it again: CONGRATULATIONS! Not everyone lasts this long these days! And love your celebratory gift. It's gorgeous. And is it topaz? Oh, I just love it. And it suits your finger too ;) xx

  6. It's my birthday on Valentine's Day so it kinda sucks that I have to buy my husband a present on my birthday(not that I have to!). It's a lovely ring - happy anniversary! xx

  7. Congratulations on 10 years - well done! Gorgeous ring.... no idea on the stone...

  8. Congratulations on your decade together - you've obviously got a brilliant husband - great taste and sensible enough to ask for your help in selecting the ring!

    You are a bit of a minx though keeping us in suspense over the stone - do tell!

    Felicity x

  9. I'm back re-reading this gorgeous post (and checking out that stunning ring again). Can you tell us what stone it is??? xx

  10. Very nice! It could possibly be a yellow diamond? I'd love a coloured stone ring for 'the other hand' but I may have to wait a little longer for that one. 20 years married in 2 more years so maybe then.

  11. 10 years is definitely something to celebrate. and that's one gorgeous piece to remind you of how precious those years were. hope you had a great V-day!

  12. Oh my, that is absolutley stunning.

    Congratulations on 10 years great achievement.

    Absolutley agree with the Valentines day thing, I would rather be told everyday that I am loved and treated beautifully everyday. Instead of a bunch of flowers one day a year.

    It is our 10 Year anniversary this year. Definatley going to show my husband this.


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