Saturday, February 5

I'm grateful for.....{silence and laughter}

The rain has stopped momentarily here in Melbourne - it's been crazy, windy, rainy weather... and as my family enjoy a quiet inside day, I sit and ponder what I'm grateful for this week.

Joining in with the Queen Bee of grateful (Maxabella Loves) as we all congregate at her place of worship to share our grateful-ness....

This week I'm grateful for....

1. Silence - as I came home from work in the wee wee hours of the morning to a still, dark house - my loved ones tucked safely in bed, I routinely check on them, stroke their hair, kiss them goodnight and savour the silence that falls upon me as I admire them.

2. Chitter-chatter and good gossip - there is nothing like a great conversation and the other night when Hubby and I were tucking into some lovely greek takeaway celebrating this day - we had a great gossip about our lives together thus far.  Oh what you can talk about when you look back, and oh how it is nice to dream when you look to the future.

3. Laughter - they say laughter is the best medicine....I don't know who - but whoever said that deserves some sort of prize or a medal....I love a good belly laugh, the one that renders you sometimes silent as the laughter is so strong it can't come out and then the happy tears start to flow - I love hearing my kids laugh and that in turn makes me laugh.  laughing is contagious.  i'm very grateful for laughter!

 What are you grateful for today....please share with us!!
Join in here....


  1. Oh I too am definitley grateful for a good belly laugh that brings the tears flowing....through my pnd I had forgotten the pure joy of laughter and when I finally found my happy many months later it hit me just how healing a full belly laugh is.

    Have a wonderful weekend

  2. A beautiful list of grateful. I'm with you on all three.

  3. I love the peace and quiet when everyone is asleep. Sometimes I just sit and 'listen' to the silence and watch my boys sleep.

  4. Lovely gratefuls - oh and such a lovely anniversary post too :-) So sweet!

    have a great week

  5. I have these crazy laughing fits from time to time (usually LOML induced). I'm out of control.

    I love it.


  6. 3 wonderful things to be grateful for :)
    I couldn't agree more :) Laughter truly is the best medicine.
    Have a great weekend.

  7. I love your grateful list today...they are all meaningful to me too.

  8. Silence is gorgeous isn't it?! I especially love getting up in the morning before my loves and having a cup of tea all by myself listening to the world wake up. And laughing till you nearly can't breathe is such an invigorating thing! Lovely gratefuls :) Wishing you a joyous week with your man and your munchkins with much laughter (and a good dose or two of silence) :) x x


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