Saturday, February 26

I'm grateful for...{diaries}

I love that we can start the weekend off with so much positivity.  Grateful day, is a special way, that does make me stop and appreicate, reflect and perhaps be a little less cynical or selfish.

I'm joining in with the ever entertaining Maxabella Loves....

And I'm grateful for...

1. Diaries - I've always been a diary kind-of-gal.  The kind that writes in appointments, carries one everywhere and feels lost without it.  At school, i would decorate my diary with an inch of it's life, cutting out gorgeous male models    pictures, and photos, paper and drawings just to make it look lovely.  Now with my delightful Frankie diary - Diary writing just got a whole lot cuter.

2. Games - at the moment, my kids love to play "hide and seek" together and sometimes with me.  I love how they can hide in the same spot over and over (or tell me where to hide whilst they count) and still act just as surprised when they find me hiding in the bushes for the tenth time just like they told me too! It just makes me giggle endlessly.

3. Sweet Surprise - I was the lucky recipient of a lovely giveaway from Louise at Vintage by Lou Lou - I received the most amazingly scented candle - lemon biscotti!  Yes, for those that know me, would know how much this scent would appeal to me....well, it smells so good, i'm so tempted to eat it!

for more gratefuls...head over here...

I have no idea where this image is from - so if you know, please let me know! 


  1. I LOVE diaries too. Even if I didn't have much to put in there. *cough* no life *cough*.
    This year I'm using a family calendar though so hubby can keep informed with family life.
    PS- you have to tell me what you got from asos the same as me!! :)

  2. hubby gave me a really cute hot pink diary for xmas (how well he knows me) - and I carry it everywhere with me in my handbag - I'd be lost without it (brain like a sieve you know...)
    have a great weekend

  3. I thought I didn't need my diary after I got my BlackBerry. How wrong I was. I missed it every day last year and had bought the Frankie diary by November last year ready to go. I double enter everything (diary + BB) and I don't care a bit!!! x

  4. Love this post (and giggled much when I read your grateful about hide and seek). Sounds like our place! How cute are our kids?

    And I'm the queen of a diary AND my iPhone. I double up, with alarms and everything so I'm never late. So sad!

    Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday! xx

  5. I am a terrible diarist {:( , never mind..I love reading them though..Anne Frank's Diary and all those biographies and autobiographies that are written from them. So all you diary writers take note for posterity!


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