Wednesday, October 6

Wardrobe wednesday...

When I started out doing these fashion posts, it was, to motivate me to get out of the trackies, and wear something different.  As a stay at home mumma, sometimes comfort wins over nice.  Sometimes, trackies are easy and really - it doesn't matter if the kids spill their milo all over you, or smear banana onto you or even give you a snotty hug!

The other reason I thought this might be fun, and I'm definitely not a fashion guru - I don't follow the trends and I'm beginning to learn to dress for my body, bumps and all.  Lets face it, some of those bumps were not there before children, so it takes some getting used to!

That aside, I also love practical and affordable.  I mean, who needs to be looking after the kids dressed in Gucci and Jimmy Choo!  Did I not mention milo, banana, and snot!

This little outfit - a bargin.  I realised as I was wearing it, that the added total of this outfit is very realistic (under $100)  for all of it!

Top - On sale at a local boutique -$19
Jeans - Kmart - $29
Shoes - Dorothy Perkins - $15
Necklace - $21
Ring - Buttons by Lou Lou - $10
Belt - Dotti $ 4.95


  1. i think this is a great idea for a post....and I love the top...You are right, it is easy to live in trackies as a mum, I have days when I make an effort and then other days when I realize it has been ages since i bothered to wear something half decent...

    Extra motherhood bumps do make it a little trickier, especially when I insist on holding on to my pre-baby jeans, just in case they will fit again sometime soon...

    You have inspired me....thanks for sharing
    Gill x

  2. I tottle around the house in my Jimmy Choos all the time!! Not!

  3. I love your outfit. The top and your cute little shoes. xo

  4. I thought I say my button ring there in the first photo. Cute. I love stripes. I have so many at the moment. Certainly nice to dress up a little sometimes even if you are just at home. That's a great outfit. Nice but casual. Lou.


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