Friday, October 1

Friday loves

A few loves that I'm having at the moment.............

1. Happy healthy kids - there is nothing like seeing the colour and smile and zest for life return after your kids have been zapped down with a retched lurgy for about a month.  I don't know how the parents of really really sick do it.  This week, the smile, the rosy cheeks and the happy kids I know and love made a welcome return.

2. Sunshine - does it really need further explanation?  sunshine makes you happy - And I love that umbrella!!!

3. Finding inspiring blogs!  Through a link from another link (sorry I can't credit anyone) I stumbled upon this delightful blog called Green Apples and she is all sorts of amazing.  She recently completed a month of blogging about her handmade clothes that she wore every day for a month!  She shares the pattern she used, the material, her tips and then shows off a photo of herself in her new outfit - so inspiring and motivating that I've pulled out a Vogue pattern for some gorgeous summer pants I've been wanting to make for ages!

Wishing you a happy friday (and I'll link this to the gorgeous Maxabella's grateful link tomorrow!)


  1. Green Apples are one of my favourite things, so I'll check her out. Of course, she will be one more clever clogs for me to sigh about!!!

    Thanks for linking up. x

  2. Mira my first time to your blog. Just read your profile and agree with you on the wonderful crafty blogging community. I am new to blogging and everyone has been so nice. I love you three inspiring things as well. Charmaine

  3. Visiting again from Maxabella's Linky...

    I have only recently discovered Madeit and am becoming quite addicted so I will have to check out your shop over there very soon..

    I am grateful for sunshine too!

  4. I love that first picture and here's to healthy kids i feel the same...


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