Wednesday, October 27

wardrobe wednesday {the dress}

Yep - bought me a new dress!  I had vouchers collecting dust (as they were from my birthday way back in July) so it was time to merge them together and buy something fancy.  I know as a mother its hard to spoil yourself with something pretty (and perhaps somethings that you might now wear all that often)

But with birthday vouchers in hand, and clear directions from hubby that I was to get something for a fancy black tie gala ball we had last Saturday I was a woman on a mission.

Mind you I found this dress straight away and made my decision. Comfy and floaty and needn't worry about hosiery!    We went to the Crown Palladium for the Classic Cars Gala Dinner which raised money for My Room Charity.   So there were lots of classic cars which I must say the men loved looking at and drooling over.  Me - I couldn't quite grasp their enthusiasm but like Maxabella discovered recently, sometimes it's nice to get out of one's comfort zone and I got that some people are just really into cars!  I thought the little old classic Alfa was the best.  I was later informed that was the most valuable at 1.5 million! huh - good taste i have!

And this little gorgoues Fiat 500 was auctioned off and bought for $16k - sorry folks I would've bid but I forgot my purse at home ;-)

Got to wear my fancy yellow heels with it too - although as soon as I got home I flung them off and couldn't be bothered putting them back on for the photos - but I'm sure you get the drift!  We have a few Christmas functions coming up, so I'm sure this dress will be getting a lot more wear!

Dress - Wish from Myer
Shoes - Sirens from local shoe shop
Bag - Olga berg
Bracelet - Diva


  1. Love the new outfit! Can't wait til I can go shopping for non-maternity clothes again!

  2. be-still my beating heart! That is beautiful :-)

  3. Gorgeous dress, nice to spoil yourself especially if vouchers involved!! Cars, so not into cars, drive a 15 year old one myself, very handy with 4 children, puppy, sports gear, extra friends (funny how mothers see your spare seats & insist you have room for their children in a car pool which they never take a turn in) & seeing we're about to move to a farm, why kill the Landcruiser now?? All that said, i used to work very closely with the V8 Super Cars, hilarious i know. Everyone assumed my husband was the oil baron, he he, 'twas me. Boy do some people love their cars??!! From the VIP marquee, it was bloody loud. Love Posie

  4. Great Olga Berg, I have at least 6 bags! I recently purchased a stunning (& impractical, but expensive and so worth it) frock from Dangerfield. i have worn it once and love it. Can't wait to wear it again. It hangs lovingly in my wardrobe. Thank goodness party season is just around the corner.

  5. Oooooooh it's gorgeous. The yellow accessories (fab shoes!) just really make it pop. x

  6. Love those shoes! Divine. Oh, and everything else was beautiful too. But those shoes...


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