Monday, October 25

at my house .....

It's been a big weekend, so trying to find some time to just chill out and take it all in....and get on with some chores!

{yummy treats from Cathy}

On Saturday I got to visit a market that I have been meaning to check out for some time.  I meet some familiar faces (blog host Lou of course) and finally was able to meet Cathy and taste her delectable goodies!  The Made in Thornbury market is a cute handmade market, so be sure to check it out next time it rolls around!  I was able to purchase some lovely goodies for the official beginning of my Christmas Shopping!  I'll post more about them later!

And today is my mum's birthday, and seeing as she lives a bit far away me and the kids skyped this morning and sang Happy Birthday and there was plenty of screen kisses and clapping.  Happy Birthday Mum/Grandma (or dam-ma as the little one would say!).  I wont show you what I made her yet, as it hasn't been posted because I'm yet to do some final touches!  So more will be revealed later in the week.

Hoping to enjoy some lovely sunshine this afternoon! What is happening at yours today??  Join Lou and check out what others are up to!


  1. Oh those biscuits and cakes look yum. We were lucky enough to have lots of those as well. I have saved my smartie cookies and plan on having some tonight (after the kids are in bed so I don't have to share!). Happy birthday to your mum - skype is so great to use with children. Lovely to see you at the market. Lou.

  2. Oh you are so lucky to have treats from Cathie!! & to have met both Cathie & Lou! :)

  3. Goodness, I need to move to AU. Those cookies look divine! (and being that they're from Cathie, I'm sure they were...)

  4. I was planning on heading to the market, but didn't quite get there! Those biscuits look very yummy - Cathie is so clever isn't she?!
    Looking forward to seeing the creation for your Mum, you very clever crafty lady.

  5. Happy Birthday to your Mum, we love skype here too (this posting is actually the closest I have ever lived to my parents since getting married and they are still 1200km away:(


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