Friday, October 22

Friday loves {the man and some lemons}

A few loves that I'm having at the moment!

1.  Lemons - perfect time for lemons right about now, and when I go for walks around my neighbourhood I see lemon trees filled to the brim with gorgeous plump lemons.  Luckily I have a few friends and relatives with such delightful trees and take as many as I can grab!  They are my favourite colour and I love the taste I've been known to slice and eat!  Yum yum yum!

{lemon slice}

2. Lemon recipes...

Ok so some of my favourite things to do with lemons;
 * Drink lemon cordial with a slice of lemon
 * Drink tonic water (and maybe some gin) with several slices of lemon

 * Make this awesome lemon slice
 * Eat these amazing pancake lemon muffins (believe me - they taste exactly like pancakes with sugar and lemon!!)

3.  The man.... My man to be exact - He's very special of course but this week his business website went live.  Two years ago (when our second child was all of 3 months old) my husband quit his job to start his own business.  He worked from home for the first six months, at times things got tough, then he found a great office space (3 minutes from home *bliss*) and now works with his business partner and bestie Steve and they've employed two others.  Proud of you my love and saying it loud!!

happy friday

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  1. YAY for your husband! I agree with you on the lemons - great in tea! Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning - Baby due 17 December, not long to go! Have a great weekend xx

  2. Congratulations on the business Brenda, that's fantastic!! Got to keep telling them we love them that's for sure!! Love Posie

  3. Nice looking website, Brenda's Man. It look slick and impressive but it's easy to navigate to get to what you want quickly - important! Best wishes for success in business!

    Brenda, on a completely different topic, I'm having a mutual love affair with lemons. They are like the garlic of sweet dishes - everything tastes better when they're added. I'm going to check out that lemon slice. x

  4. Those photos look mouthwateringly delicious. And huge congrats on the business venture taking off. I'll check out the website.

  5. I am totes loving that lemon slice. Any left over for sharing with friendly bloggers???

  6. omg - I love pancakes with lemon and sugar so I am definitely going to make those muffins. yum yum yummo.

  7. oh and the man's website looks very good. If I was planning a town I would definitely consider his services.

  8. My MIL has a lemon tree and I have an orange tree - great for swaps!! And a big congrats on your hubby's business, exciting times :)

  9. congrats on the to hear stories like this - big YAY for quitting jobs in order to follow your dreams!

    mmmmm, lemon deserts are my favorite deserts

    gill xo

  10. Those pancake lemon muffins look divine! I love anything with lemon in it, and can't wait until our lemon tree starts bearing fruit! Love your blog and am officially a follower now! Hope you can pop in and visit me too: xx

  11. Yes Yay for Husbands and for lemons in Coronas ;)

  12. I love lemons too :) The new website looks great, congrats!

  13. Love that lemon slice ...
    Huzzah for your hubby too, we've had our business for years, it good it is going well for your hubby.

  14. Awww lovely post!
    I too am a lemon lover....{haaa that didn't quite sound right!...but you get my gist} I love love love making lemon meringue pie! I will definitely be giving that lemon slice recipe a try!! And a big congrats to your Hubby on his website launch! My Hubby did the same thing....left the 'workforce' to start his own business this January! It's doing well & he's gone from the 'home office' to a 'proper' office recently too :) YAY for great Hubby's!!!

  15. Wow, the lemon sugar pancake muffins sound AMAZING! I want one, now. Will have to make some soon.
    Well done to your hubby too!


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