Tuesday, October 5

spin a bib....

Ok, so remember the children's story of Rumplestilskin??  You know, the one where a girl is kidnapped and made to spin hay into gold, only she can't.  Thankfully a funny little man appears in the night and spins the hay into gold for her in exchange for a valuable item...

Until he requests her first born child! The young woman cries and cries at the thought of handing over her precious new born baby and the funny little man shows grace and says that he will forget her promise if she can guess his name within three days! Thankfully she does - Rumplestilskin is your name!  And she gets to keep her baby!  Strange story really (for the little people  - it's a bit odd - I mean she marrys the king that kidnaps her!)

Anyhooo - I've been spinning up a few crazy fabric and beaded bib necklaces after my first attempt went down well.   People in the street and in shops were admiring my handy work!  I'm not really sure what came over me - one night I was planning on cutting out some children's dress patterns and each time I looked at a stash of fabric all I saw was more and more options for some bib necklaces - so I went with that and these are what I came up with!  I'm still using what I have in my stash - although I admit I've run out of ribbon so will have to get more to finish off some others.

Some are made with denim, some with a beautiful deep mustard felt with gorgeous fabric and beading.   

As much as I'd love to keep them all, a quick little research on Made It and Etsy yielded nothing of it's kind, so I've added them to my shops!

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