Wednesday, October 20

and the loser is ME.....

I should be celebrating, but I am not.

I should be dancing around feeling all euphoric, but I am not.

The problem is.  I won.

And then lost.  Bummer.  double bummer.

It all started last week on Ebay (did you guess) and whilst searching for a new (old) retro piece of furniture I stumbled upon the most amazing leather jacket.

Awesome colour, beautiful detail, mint condition, item in Australia and MY SIZE!  I've never bought clothes from ebay.  I'm a clothes buying ebay virgin.  I have had many successes with ebay, furniture, wireless headphones, breast pump, old plates, vases, my art decor dining room table and the list goes on by never clothes...anyhow....i digress.

So back to the jacket.  No bid and no reserve.  This little baby was starting at .99cents!  So I thought, what the hell, i really like it, I'll put in my maximum amount and let it be in the Gods of Ebay.  Well i forgot about said little auction ending on Sunday gone, and whilst siting in Church watching a dear little baby being Christening I remembered about my bid!

I got home - I had WON!  I always wonder why you are called the winner?  You didn't really win the item.  You are still paying for won the auction, but not the item!   AND I was the only bidder and won that gorgeous jacket for the stella price of .99cents.  Whoooo hooo!


subsequent email from seller followed "I can't sell you the jacket anymore, really sorry, it's not for sale, i changed my mind, sorry to mess you around!' 


I gently responded, asking seller to reconsider and that I understood the item went for a bargin price but that i suspected she was going to try to re-sell it with a higher reserve.

she responded and pleaded to my human kindness to forgive her.

so i did.

no jacket.  I was the winner, but now the loser.

Ever happen to you.  Did you win and then lose?


  1. What! Can you change your mind and not sell it anymore! That is so wrong....

  2. happened to me, johnson plates you know the ones I collect I won 6 of them for $7 (sometimes they are listed on ebay for upto $15 each) I WON, jumped with joy, then received email from seller saying she had forgotten and "given them away", I was not as kind as you, I left bad feedback, i'm still mad. x

  3. I was under the impression that if you listed something on ebay with a starting price of .99c that you had to be prepared to sell for that price......she made a commitment to sell! I agree.....that's so wrong!

  4. She SOOO can't do that!! If you want a certain price then you have to put a reserve. Oh that must have killed you!!! Hope nobody bids on it.... and you get it even cheaper if she relists it (highly likely she will!!!). I bought something that never showed up but mostly ebay is awesome. Have sold a whack of old things too....amazing what people will buy. Hope you're having a wonderful week lovely girl. We are planning a trip to visit friends in Canberrra in December...perhaps a trip to Melbourne to visit a lovely bloggy friend could be in order?! :) x x

  5. bad, bad, ebay-er! gotta be annoyed at that!


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