Tuesday, October 26

smoked chicken salad

Joining in with Emma's Easy Peasy Dinner ideas....

This is the perfect dinner now that we are having beautiful warmer weather!  I love salads for dinner, and this fits all the categories of being delicious, cheap and so so easy! It's definitely on my repeat list...

Here is what you need;

- smoked chicken breast (available at safeway in the meat section) - already smoked, vacuum packed and very reasonably priced!
- Salad ingredients that take your fancy.  I made a salad with this meal using baby spinach, rocket and mixed leaves, half and avocado, cherry tomatoes and baby boconcini.  Really you can make any salad you like!
- whip up an easy dressing - mix 1 part red wine vinegar with 2 parts olive oil and a tea spoon of seeded mustard. stir.

Make up the salad and mix with the dressing.  Slice each chicken breast or what you will require and arrange on the plate!

That's it - no cooking required!  Pour yourself a glass of wine and congratulate yourself on a stunning dinner prepared by you!   Want more ideas...head over this way!


  1. I absolutely love the easy sound of this recipe! It looks delicious! This is just the kind of thing my husband is always ordering at cafe's. I should take note of that....

    Thanks so much for joining in!!

  2. yum...i am ready for lunch now!

  3. winter hasn't started yet here but already longing for summer again reading this recipe !

  4. Hi Mira, thanks for visiting me - wish I was having dinner at your place, I love smoked chicken! You should be able to find quinoa in most supermarkets - if it's available in suburban NZ then I'm sure it's find-able in Oz! Try the gluten-free section, or health foods... if all else fails, let me know and I'll send you a care package!

  5. Woops, sorry, meant to write Brenda, not Mira!


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