Friday, October 15

friday loves {the BIG question}

A moment that made me laugh....

And that is the love of my son's never ending list of questions....mostly about trivial things, that he may, at any given time of the day ask and repeat until answered to his satisfaction.... (so perhaps I don't that love that quite so much)...

But no so long ago me and the kids were partaking on one of our favourite activities of going through photo albums of them when they were babies - which includes photos of me, heavily pregnant! Well my son at first thought every pregnant photo of me was with his baby sister inside..

Me; 'No son, in that photo you are in my tummy' I say
him; ' that me in your tummy, ' He confirms.
Me; 'yes - you before you were born,' I say nodding

(CUE; thinking time for him)

him; 'but Mum!' He says quite seriously...
Me; 'Yes..'
Him; 'Why, well, why did you eat me?'

(CUE; me laughing hysterically whilst rolling around on the floor)

Happy Friday



  1. Oh that really is too cute, I love how kids mind work!

  2. Oh that is so adorable. What an absolutely sweet thing to ask?? You can't make that stuff up.
    You're lucky, have you read my "let's talk about sex . . . to your children post" mine ask such direct questions, i've got to be on the ball all the time. Love Posie

  3. That is so adorable!
    This made me chuckle, kids really say the funniest things, and I love it!

  4. Oh hahahahahahahaahahahaha!!! I am on the floor too :-) Gorgeous!

  5. That is so gorgeous! Why did you eat him???


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