Thursday, October 21

my creative space...

Some new dresses that I'm making for the North Melbourne Market this weekend.  It is so nice to make summery floaty dresses just as the weather is finally warming up.

It's so hard to not keep some for my daughter, but I promised myself there would definitely be some new additions to her wardrobe for summer to.  I love the style of these dresses and I got to use my new labels!

So if your free this Sunday - The North Melbourne Market have joined forces with the Spring Fling Festival which will see Errol Street closed and heaps of stall and entertainment lining the streets.  We'll  be there at the Lithuanian Hall.

For more creative types head over here....


  1. Aw they look gorgeous. Love the fabric.Hope the market goes well!

  2. The Lithuanian club brings back boozy uni party memories from the 90s! Have a great market. Your dresses look divine and I love the labels.

  3. Fabulous fabric, Brenda. Have fun at the markets. Not for the first time, I wish I was a Melburnian! x

  4. They look really cute,Wishing you a nice market!

  5. good luck kitty kat, those dresses are super cute.

  6. sooo very nice to meet you today Brenda!!!
    hope you have a great night out & a fab market tomorrow.


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