Wednesday, October 13

wardrobe wednesday {florals}

Florals are in this spring/summer collection... I'm seeing them pop up everywhere in floaty dreamy styles and adorning all sorts of wardrobe items from clothes, bags to scarves and belts.

A good excuse to wear a little floral number that I've had for a while, but wasn't quite sure if it was all too Nanna style!  It's actually a really nice little singlet top and a silk and cotton blend so feels a little lux.  Went great with my amber necklace that I re-strung a while ago.  Of course, Melbourne being Melbourne layers are essential!

I've seen a few floral numbers on Etsy and Made It are some that caught my eye...

Bauble earrings - Katcharly
Elephants - Babysroom
Necklace- Lunarbelle
Reversible tote - flourishlifestyle

My outfit -

Top - Harris Scarfe
Cardi - Dotti
Badge - The Lark
Jeans - Kmart
Shoes - from Italy
Necklace - Old amber necklace



  1. the top looks really nice...Although I must admit I feel a little scared of wearing floral...It always seems that others look great in it but I get a little nanna conscious when I wear it myself!

    I am loving the elephants soooo much

    Another cute fashion post!

    Gill xo

  2. What a cute little top! And I love that necklace. I'm always a bit scared of florals too. I'm worried I'll get sick of the print and after a wear or two and then it'll end up in the Lifeline bin! A singlet is a great idea...not too dear and not too much pattern. Shall invest in one this spring I feel. Hope you're having a gorgeous week and that the sun is finally shining :) x x


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