Monday, July 15

this week

Oh the school holidays....what fun!  No school lunches or remembering what happens on what day.  No surprise we spent most of our time near our soon to be abode, but all too soon it was over and the school term has resumed. ...

:: this week in photos ::

1.  House progress...the roof is on, and I may have just had one (or more) colour-bond moments like on the ad where I just stood and stared, marvelling in all that roof glory!
2. We enjoyed Salami Making Day over the school holidays....
3. Give a kid a go-cart and let them play...
4. Wet concrete...a small hand = lasting memory
5. Playing chasey with Nonno
6. Feeling right at home on the ride-on.

Hope you all enjoyed the school holidays....

Joining in with the lovely Em @ The Shack. 


  1. The house is looking amazing. The the handprint and Nonno running around, bless him! Have a great week lovely xo

  2. The house!!!! I cant believe the progress!!!! You'll be in in no time!!!!

  3. Oh wow! The house is coming along so quickly. That is one amazing photo. Oh, the cloud cover - wow! Looks like you've had a great break. X

  4. Popped in from the beetle shack....the house is huge and I can so see you standing there admiring your roof like the ad.......wasn't he naked picking up the newspaper and got caught out...either way I can see why you can relate to it. Love the hand print and grandparent fun. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  5. Wow it really is progressing Brenda! I have always loved the sound of your sausage making and sauce bottling days - just glorious. Such wonderful traditions and memories to be passing down to your kidlets.

  6. Wow! The house! It's really getting there isn't it?! Love watching your journey - especially things like salami making, I'm in awe! xx


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