Wednesday, February 22

dress a day {13-19}

day 14

I'm still here....and still wearing dresses - day in day out!  Ok - I admit dresses are not practical for everything..  Like last weekend we had a great "fix it" day at home whereby we just potted around at home and got things done. I painted the front door.  Something I've wanted to do for 7 years, and finally got around to it.  That was not the occasion for a dress, but luckily we went out with friends to a local mexican restaurant for margaritas and nacho's.  

I also discovered sadly that I don't quite fit into one dress anymore.  But as my friend rightly pointed out....your body is not the same after kids! 

Here is my week in dresses....

Day 15

day 16

day 17

day 17

day 18

day 19

Dress 14 - sweater dress from local boutique
Dress 15 - zip up black dress purchased with a voucher from a small country boutique
Dress 16 - I have no idea where or when this one arrived in my possession! 
Dress 17 - maxi dress from local store
Dress 18 - on shoulder floral dress from Target
Dress 19 -  Marcs by Marc Jacobs (sadly a little tight on the hips - thinking of chopping it and making it into a skirt!)   I haven't worn it since 2007 when I actually got below my pre-pregnancy weight.  

I'm on the home stretch now....


Monday, February 13

13 {winner!}

Source: via Kit on Pinterest

Chosen at random was....Number 13....

Tania at Ivy Nest
Congrats - you win a little giveaway Key Fob from me.

I'll be in touch


A dress a day {7-12}

Dress 7

I'm still going - I'm not even half way really!  It has really astounded me just doing this challenge just how many dresses I have.  My friend told her mother-in-law about my challenge, and during school pick up the other day,  I was helping said MIL find the right class room when she said "so, I take it this is dress 9?"  So no excuses.  It is giving me a good distraction whilst I also face the challenge of being a school mum for the first time.... and a Kinder mum for the second time.  It has been a week of nerves....for all of us! 

And yes, I missed dress 8 (I took a sickie as I had an ear infection) and thought trackies were a much better option!

Here's a run down on my week that was in dresses.....

Dress 9

Dress 10

Dress 11

Dress 12

Dress 7 -  Ladakh bought in a country boutique with patent belt from Dotti
Dress 9 - striped maxi t-shirt dress from Dorothy Perkins, scarf from Cotton On, Sandals bought in Italy.
Dress 10 - Dress from Dotti with socks from sportsgirl and shoes from Myer
Dress 11 - Made by my with a pink cardi and patent belt from dotti
Dress 12 - Kmart polka dot dress

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Thursday, February 9

My creative space {it's oh so handy}

With a stash of bright coloured fabric it's been on my list to get to making more key fobs. So with my little helper in tow to watch me cut, iron, sew and finish them off, she couldn't resist but pick out a few of her favourites.  I even replaced my own key fob, that had seen better days which also got me thinking....

A little flash giveaway!

Would you like an Oh So Handy Key Fob to keep your keys handy and your hands free??

I can't tell you enough how practical these little fobs are at ensuring your not searching the depths of your bag whilst at a busy car park and the kids are roaming.  Or even if you want to go for a walk and leave your bag at home, you can slip your keys over your wrist and not worry.   They are the perfect mix of practicality and fashion accessory!

So leave me a comment if you would like to enter and I'll draw a random winner on Monday 13th February.  Open to all!

And don't forget to pop on over this creative hub too!


Monday, February 6

a dress a day....1 - 6

Day one for the last six days I've been keeping up with my challenge of wearing one (of my 29) dresses a day for the month of February.  So, given this has been the first week, it's been pretty easy.  No dress can be repeated, but then again I've had the majority to pick I am yet to feel challenged.

Although I must say some forward planning is essential.  It has made me look at the weather and also think about what I'll be doing each day.

Here is a little re-cap of how I've "dressed"  for the past six days....

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four

Day Five

Day Six

I've only managed iPhone photos which I try and do on apologies for the crappy pictures.  But rest assured I've told enough people IRL to keep this challenge honest.   Dresses 1 and 5 are ones I hardly wear, but really should wear more often, and I love wearing the maxi (dress 2 which is was made by me) that I should make more (yes...because I really need more dresses!)  

The next week will see me challenged with picking dresses that suit working, school and kinder days and well as the weekend helping family move house!  Eek 


1 - Sportsgirl dress
2. Maxi dress - made by me
3. ASOS dress
4. French Connection with leopard scarf around the waist, Sportsgirl bag
5. Silk dress from a little boutique somewhere ?? 
6. Brown Sugar dress, worn with leggings from Sussan and singlet from Cotton On. 

Friday, February 3

the greatest love story....

Source: via Brenda on Pinterest

Source: via Brenda on Pinterest

But when the movie ends and the credits roll....

the greatest love still goes on.

Happy wonderful 11 years of marriage to my beautiful, amazing and inspiring partner in life - my husband .

What's your favourite love story?  Be it fictional or real?


Thursday, February 2

my creative space {a quick quilt}

I'm just going to say, that right from the start I doubted myself with this project.  I was astounded that within only a mere few moments one afternoon I had cut up all the required triangles....all one hundred and sixty of make the top of this quilt.

I was then even more surprised when the kids had so much fun helping me work out a bit of a random pattern and watched with eager eyes and I pinned it all together.  Even more surprising was the speed at which I all one hundred and sixty triangles were sewn together, to make eighty delightful squares, which then turned into eight equally delightful rows.  Amazing I tell you.

So amazing that the next day I high-tailed it to my favourite fabric shop ever (GJ's discount Fabrics) and splashed out in celebration with this gorgeous backing fabric and the splurge of all splurges, some ready made binding!  Ok not so much a splurge but a definite time saver.

A project that for sure I would have estimated would take me years, only took a week....A WEEK!  seriously, I didn't even pick up another craft in between.  This for me, is a first!

At the moment it sits on the end of my bed....but no doubt I will drag it to the lounge when the cooler weather comes around.

And make sure you get around this creative hub and marvel at all the wonder that you will find.

Have you surprised yourself with a crafty project??
Is it a sign I am gaining crafty maturity do you think?  By sticking at one project at a time before leaping to the next??

Wednesday, February 1

snap it {happy}

I've blogged this picture before....but when I discovered that today's first Snap It was the theme of Happy, there was no other choice.  Taken whilst on Christmas holidays with the kids, each time I look at this photo I just smile in delight of a great moment captured forever.   I've had it developed and framed and it's hung right near our front door, so I can glance at it each time I enter the home.  I'm not sure if its  the wide smile, the little dimple, her brown eyes or that gorgeous floppy hat, but this picture certainly feels "happy" to me.  Can't wait to check out all of your happy photo's.