Tuesday, April 30

simplicity {potatoes}

A lazy afternoon soaking up some glorious Autumn sun, the kids giggling and running around in the backyard.  The cool chill making us all peckish for the perfect snack.

I conjured up a plan to turn a humble household vegetable into something to be enjoyed by all.  In four easy steps you can make your own crunchy crispy chips. Here's how....

1. Wash a couple of potatoes, how many is up to you.  Leave the skin on.
2. Using a madolin or slice attachment on your food processor slice them up nice and fine.
3. Put in a bowl and add a small amount of good quality olive oil.  You just want to coat them, not have them swimming in oil..so add a little bit at a time.
4. Place the potatoes on a lined tray and place in a hot oven for about 20 minutes, but it's a good idea to check them every ten minutes.  Taken them out when they are nice and golden and curling up at the sides.   If you like, you can season them now, when they are still hot and you can season them with anything you like.  I did a simple rosemary salt, but you could do lime & pepper, salt & vinegar or chilli & lemon.  the choices are endless.

Then sit back and watch your loved ones devour them up. Yes, it's easy to purchase a packet of chips at the supermarket, but these are so easy to make and taste delicious!

Oh and I'm over at Rohans talking more veg if you want to check it out.

Do you like to make a classic loved snack yourself? 


Saturday, April 27


A photo of my children, once a week, every week, for a year 

J - Quite protective of his younger sister
M - This week in particular you've caught me unaware at just how much you are growing up

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Tuesday, April 23

just make

A late night rummage, unravelling piles and piles of fabric, more and more as I went.  Countless purchases, some remembered, fresh as they are, some being hoarded away years and years...the creases proof of that.

No more.  As I scrapped off a planned trip to the local fabric establishment...I made a quiet but timely vow to myself.

Just make.

Pen and paper in hand, I labelled each piece of fabric, hunted out patterns, started planning and will vow to make my way through this lot before the imminent move.  If I need to I'll stock up on notions and threads, but that's it.

It's the good kick up the ol' backside I needed I think.  There is a tendency for me to overlook that summer fabric I didn't quite get to because the thrill of planning a winter cape is just too "right now"...but fearing I'm becoming "fabric collector" and not "clothes sewer"....I'm clearing out my sewing room and feeling motivated a ready to bunker down and get going.

Have you ever given yourself a good crafty challenge?
Please tell me...do you "collect fabric" too?


Monday, April 22


There's been so much enjoyment going on this week, that when I look back on my stills collection it brings a little smile to my face that such simple moments, acts, and gestures can render me so happy.

1. Making a list and getting the patterns ready
2. Watching her love of different and varying foods develop
3. Finding a new cafe and loving all the vintage quirks and fantastic coffee
4. Oh and fairy floss on your baby chino?  why not!
5. Daylesford organic free range eggs...
6. Frittata made from those delicious eggs
7. Organic celery + homemade peanut butter = best snack

How was your week?

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Saturday, April 20


16/52 - A portrait each week every week for a year

J - Chatting away over breaky watching the sunlight catch your beautiful face
M - Having so much fun taking these photos, I kept this one to share today 

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Wednesday, April 17


Soft toys, imaginary play.  You're the mummy, taking care of your babies, you cuddle them and comfort them, already that maternal instinct so acute.  Eager to understand the world, each day littered with questions, some easy, some not.

Dress ups, multiple times a day.  Does this match?  you ask.  So determined, yet easily unsure you scamper close by my side, reassurance is your savour.

Pig-tails, accessories, pretty things.. Chatterbox, craft apprentice and kitchen helper...devouring fruit and baby spinach on a daily basis and the request for special sushi your treat.  Baby cino at any cafe extra points if accompanied by a marshmallow.

Cuddles, kisses and loving me a billion plus infinity.

I thank Him every day you chose me to call your mum.


Crochet vest adapted from a cardigan pattern in Issue 1 of Simply Crochet Magazine.   Instead of sleeves I did a simple scallop edge around the arm holes to finish off.  This pattern uses 4 ply yarn...this colour is Gelato by Moda Vera, 1.2m of ribbon purchased at GJ's discount fabric and sealed at ends by hovering over a lighted match to stop it fraying. 

Tuesday, April 16


This week I felt the full effects of acknowledging that Summer is well and truely over and Autumn has graced us with her presence.  We said fairwell to Day Light Savings, the sun setting earlier, the darker skies present as we dine now with lights on and the chilly mornings make wrapping your hands around that first cup of coffee all the more enjoyable.  I love Autumn, for all it's prettiness and it makes me  eager to bunker down, get cosy and plan some baking and crafting....

1. The new cardigan 'in progress' - it's been finished now, but as a vest as I was getting low on yarn.  I'll show you the full version later in the week.
2. Some holiday baking...I think this was apples stewing
3. I'm cutting out on bread, so vowing to only eat bread that I make.  These loaves didn't make it past lunch time.
4. Enjoying the figs
5. Boys + Snails = entertainment....enough said.

I hope you had a wonderful week.

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Saturday, April 13


15/52 - A photo of my children, once a week, every week for a year

J - A few snails in your watering can kept you entertained for hours
M - Your favourite afternoon (or anytime) snack, straight off the tree. 

Loving these portraits here from last week 

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Thursday, April 11


 My paternal grandmother, or Omi as she was affectionately known was wonderful at crochet.  I'm sure just by looking at those intricate doilies you will not disagree.  It's been fifteen years since she left this world and as a child and teenager I was mostly oblivious to her many crafting talents.  Now that my own crochet love is blossoming, and the timely inheritance of some of her wonderful creations are now in my possession I felt a certain sentimentality in joining our crochet journey together.

So with little planning, as usual, and one quiet night spent at the machine, this little crochet hook pouch was made.  My Omi's crochet doily remains intact on the front, joined with a snip of linen and some screen printed fabric from the stash, little pockets for each hook I own...a velvet ribbon secures it all together.

I wonder how my Omi stored her hooks?
How do you store yours?

Joining in here. 

Wednesday, April 10

a man with a dream

A man with a dream put the call out for some help last night.  As I thought about his pledge, about his vision and about his dream, something deep within me really wanted to do something proactive to help his cause. This man has a vision which in essence is quite simple.  To bring organic vegetables to the folk of Melbourne.

This man is Rohan Anderson.  For sure you've heard of him by now. He blogs over at Whole Larder Love  and has a book of the same title that we have laboured through to cook a many a meal.  It's dog eared and splattered with bits of bubbling stews from our attempts to replicate his creations.

Rohan now needs support.  His Organic Vegetable delivery box needs people.  People like you and me to make an order, to drive on a Saturday morning to a pick up location and collect your stash.  If your worried about what's in there, or value for money, I can put your mind at ease.  This box is full to the brim of gorgeous organic seasonal produce.  The veg come fresh with the dirt they were pulled from the day before and as a family we make an event of cleaning it up, working out meals and spending the week devouring the wonderful meals.   It's a far cry from the glossy veg all lined up at your local giant supermarket, but this is real food, delivered by a real man in his truck.

So if you live in Melbourne and love good food and supporting local people with great ideas, click here and order now.  

Monday, April 8

breathing new life

This week felt very cathartic.  We've spent time away over the holidays on our patch of dirt that we'll soon call home.  Now that we have a pump attached to the bore water, we could plant some trees and plan our orchards.  It feels that each moment we spend on this country plot we are breathing new life into it and creating a small little system that one day will feed my family...

1. A gorgeous salad enjoyed by candlelight
2. Picnic enjoyed outdoors
3. Marvelling at the gift of a new life and celebrating my besties new baby son.
4. Watching him and suddenly catching my breathe at just how much he has grown
5. Roasting chestnuts on the fire on the most perfect Autumnal day

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Saturday, April 6


14/52  - A portrait of my children once a week, every week for a year 

J - That beautiful smile and love for life is quite contagious.  You certainly make me look at the world differently.... 
M - A cough and a cold got the better of you this week and you didn't quite make it to your normal bedtime or even your bed... 

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A favourite from last week was here at tea with lucy


Wednesday, April 3

autumn calling

Signs of Autumn are fast approaching.  The chilly morning breeze, the shorter days.  Leaves are turning amber and slippers are hunted for in the back of cupboards and under beds and more cup of tea are enjoyed.  Cooler days call for wintery like craft and what could be more welcome than a new beanie to keep your head warm on a frosty morning.

A beanie for me, hubby the kids and also my nieces (if you're on Instagram you'll have noticed all my crochet beanie posts!).  Crochet is the perfect holiday and portable craft.  It requires just a hook, yarn and scissors popped in bag and can be accomplished whilst passenger on a road trip, or curled up on the couch and even as I so put the test during Easter festivities taking orders from special nieces.  I used patterns for most, and made it up if I needed to, but the result was lovely homemade beanies for all my lovelies.

Do you have any wintery craft projects on the go?

linking up with Kirsty here 

yellow beanie pattern here
similar men/boys beanie pattern here
girls beanie pattern from here (modifed the rainbow beanie by using a verigated yarn instead of using various coloured yarn)