Tuesday, June 28

stranger in my own city....

I got to go into the city yesterday - for the whole day. 

I booked into some training for professional development and whilst a friend was looking after the kids for a few hours in the morning and hubby was taking the rest of the day off - I got to be a commuter for the day. 

It wasn't until I got on the tram and took the bumbling ride into town that I realised how much fun I was having.  I read my book, gazed out the window to enjoy the scenery, then strolled up Collins St for a while, just joining in all the mad rushing city folk getting to work. 

I felt like a stranger in my own city.  I don't often frequent the CBD.  There is really no need. So I gazed, and wondered and enjoyed the moment.  I marveled at new buildings, old buildings, the hussle and bussle and just the atmosphere.   I think people could have spotted my thrill a mile away.  I'm suprised no-one tapped me on the shoulder to say "I'm sorry Ma'am, too much enjoyment on your face for a Monday morning - get back to the burbs!" 

I was early to training so took a detour to Bourke St, one of my favourite places - Pellengrini's.  A cute little italian run coffee bar.  I got a quick espresso then headed off to learn all about reflective counselling and mindful parenting (all very fascinating actually!). 

I did a sneaky thing and skipped the sandwiches and instant coffee on offer for lunch and headed solo back to Pellingrini's for scrumptious pasta and another caffeine fix, then purused a gorgeous second hand book shop.  

Afterwards, another stroll down the Paris End of Collins St (where people actually have to line up and wait to get into the Channel Store!). 

More reading on the tram home - to be greeted by excited children and a husband finalising dinner on the table!   I'm sure if I had to commute every day it would be a drag, but as a one off, I think it made me feel like a tourist. 

Do you enjoy exploring places in your home town that you often don't get to visit? 

Sunday, June 26

fancy seeing red....

Well, aren't we getting spoilt with all this lovely sunshine.  I'm not one to complain about it, but gees it was freeeeeezing this morning!  The wind was like ice as we headed off to one of our favourite places.  The Queen Vic Market!  

With my camera with me, I enjoyed snapping some pics, and guess what?  Yep, I wore my new red lips.  It was cute the reaction I got from my little people.  They laughed and were intrigued about why my lips were red and wanted to touch them....

I'm lucky I grabbed my big winter coat too.  This white coat I bought online at Asos during their winter sale....I got it for a bargin and free shipping means I was one happy customer...

It's funny, but I really enjoyed taking my red lips out today. I don't wear much make-up and even today I only slapped on a quick bit of tinted moisteriser before applying my lippy.  No wonder the kids thought it strange!

Hope you had a lovely Sunday!


White Coat - Asos
Lipstick - Revlon Nouveu
Skirt - Made by me
Leggings - Myer

Saturday, June 25

I'm grateful for {red lips!}

Whoo hoo - it's the weekend!  And it's forecast no rain, which means we should be able to get out and about which is always good with little ones that love being outdoors.

Joining in with Maxabella Loves (who'll be smiling a lot today!)

Today I'm grateful for....

1. Getting my sewing groove back - so nice to get some sewing done in these last few days.  Some projects completed and new ones started and inspiration flowing.  I'm no longer Ms Cranky Pants.

2. Red Lips - I dreamt the other night that I bought some red lipstick.  It puzzled me, and I realised that I've never owned a red lipstick.....So, I went and got myself one and now I can't wait to wear some red lips!

3. Classics - I love enjoying a good Classic movie.  Maybe Breakfast at Tiffany's, Sabrina, or a Classic Musical like Sound of Music, or My Fair Lady.  And I think Audrey is just so pretty - and she has red lips!

Have a lovely Grateful day - and for more click this way....

Friday, June 24

what would you do....?

Ok, so I was catching up with my bestie last night.  Just chill-axing on her couch.  her baby asleep. My kids back at home asleep in their beds thanks to their Dad.

It was lovely just to talk uninterupted (oh hang on - only to stop to put chocolate bullets in my mouth) and still I attempted to chew and talk at the same time. 

We talked in super-sonic speed. 

We listened.  Empathised.  Congratulated each on small achievements. And spoke of things to come. 

Somehow a questions was pondered with great enthusiasm and I have been thinking about it all day....

"What would you do if you had a day off from your life?" 

Yep, no work, no kids, no responsibilities, no chores or deadlines.  What. Would. You. Do?

To be honest, this questions just seemed so bizzare and overwhelming that I sat in silence unable to even think of one thing.  But, then they just started pouring out.....

so in no particular order....

1. Sleep in
2. Find a cute cafe and endulge in a full breaky, coffee, a mag (or maybe a friend) and just.....linger.....
3. Go shopping perhaps somewhere i've not been before.  Or just try and find some undiscovered Op Shops around the town...
4.  Finally use my membership at the Melbourne State Library.  And just sit there and read for a while. 
5. Take a walk somewhere gorgeous to snap some pictures
6. Get a pedicure
7. Empty out my entire sewing room and rearrange Every Thing! 
8. Sew, sew, sew and do more sewing.
9. See a play
10. Restore some old furniture

Ok, I think I could go on, but considering this is only one day I think I have more than enough! 

So, what would you do?  

Please share! 


Thursday, June 23

scrappity scraps {my creative space}

Ok, so I mentioned before how I seem to have accumilated a vast amount of fabric scraps.  I'm just not one to ditch them - "surely I can use them for something" I'd say, before filling yet another bag, or basket, or even corner of the small sewing space, I'm conviced was the cloak room of my 1930's house.

The day came, when I could bare it no longer.  "find something to do with them or else" I threatened myself.  Which seems a little drastic really (and odd - I hope I'm not the only one that talks to ones self!)

Anyhoo - that pressure was just what I needed.  A plan to make something pretty out of my scraps....

So, lo and behold here are what I came up with!

Some cute headbands....

Some fabric bunting cards.....

And some emboirdery hoop art work....

Some of these creations were planned to attend the Sugar and Spice market with me, but alas, I couldn't make it, so when I get a smidgen of time, I might add them to my store.

So I'm pleased to say the above projects were all made with scraps.  And what about the scraps from the scraps I hear you ask! straight in the bin, I'm glad to report!

now head here for more creative spaces


Tuesday, June 21

seems like this.....

agree xx
(image via pinterest)

Lately, I've been finding it hard to get crafty projects done.

And when that happens, the backlog gets longer, and longer and longer

And I start to get antsy (not sure it thats a word, but you know - niggly, frustrated, annoyed, cheesed - you get the point!)

And just to add to my woe - I find more awesome stuff that I want to make, which is really bad, as I mentioned before I'm struggling even to sew a stitch. 

Stuff on my to do list include...

2. These for the kids

3. Finish the Vogue skirt that has been sitting on the back of my sewing chair for the last four weeks (I've given you this link - as they are having a sale - yay!

4. Make an educational board for my son (no link - the idea is in my head!)

5. Free myself of some the fabric scraps that are nearly causing me to drown in my small sewing space (as I clearly believe in not wasting one little iota of fabric!)

6. Finish off the 6 aprons I started as gifts to take on my overseas travels...

7. and then give my sewing space a lovely tidy-up!

Now this is the short list!

How do you cope when you can't craft?  Or get a backlog? do you get a little cranky?

I like the quote above - too many ideas - not enough time!  Too True!!! 

Stay tuned as I hope next week I will be able to reveal lots of finished crafty projects to brag about!


Sunday, June 19

a fancy afternoon tea {for a great cause}

What an afternoon.  Talk about stuff myself silly on sweets and treats of every description.
Bump into bloggers new and old.  Meet blogg-less people who are amazing, and that should blog, and be surrounded by a fantastic bunch of creative women all for a wonderful cause.

The talented Cathie from Melbourne Epicure was the hostess with the most-ess - with tables lined with baked cup-cakes, cake bombs (oh these were divine!) and my ultimate - lemon tart!

Their were cups of tea, in real tea-cups from real tea-pots....

And amazing donated crafty prizes that were raffled off and just a great time all round...

off course Cathie sent us all home with a little box of love!

Thankyou Cathie for a wonderful, wonderful afternoon!   I think I had to unbutton my jeans when i left!!

 Oh, and I'd thought i'd link up with this fancy girl, who has been getting fancy all week!

jeans - Sussan
top - Asos
Cardi - Portmans
Belt - Dotti
Shoes - Siren
Bangles - gift from a friend (thanks Sarah!)


Friday, June 17

I'm grateful for...triple zero

It feels like forever since I've been around to join in Saturday feel good Grateful catch up.  It's still been rather all over the place here, and slowly slowly I'm getting my groove back...

so Today, I'm grateful for....

1. Being there - Oh, it was unfortunate that during a trip up to the country to see my folks after my Dad's little scare, he had another.  Hubby caught him on the way down, mum stayed calm, I had a little freak out, kids were asleep (thank goodness) and we all waited.....

2. Triple zero - my first time using it but gee's I'm grateful for it!

3. Paramedics - wow, how good are these people.

And, again - all is Ok (phew!)

Join in with this lovely lady and share your grateful list!

Do you have a Montessori Child?

Maria Montessori

Do you?  Because if you do, you could really help me out! 

You see I'm considering in enrolling my nearly 3 year old daughter in the Montessori Program.  Its a two or three year cycle program and could see her attending full time (9-3) by the time she reaches five years of age.  

I've always liked the Montessori Method of teaching and you can read about the differences from other educational methods  here.... Some of the aspects I like are that the Montessori classrooms 
  • provide a prepared environment where children are free to respond to their natural tendency to work. 
  • The children's innate passion for learning is encouraged by giving them opportunities to engage in spontaneous, purposeful activities with the guidance of a trained adult. 
  • Through their work, the children develop concentration and joyful self-discipline. Within a framework of order, the children progress at their own pace and rhythm, according to their individual capabilities. 
  •  Also the children are grouped in mixed ages (so ages 2-5 years) are together allowing for the younger ones to learn from the older children. 

My son has gone to a local Kindergarten and I've been thrilled with what it has offered him and his growth and development.  But no two kids are the same.  I had my son enrolled to go to Montessori, but pulled out at the last minute thinking it wasn't for him.  But i'm feeling different about how my daughter would go, and they are two very different children.  Also,  the truth is, my daughter will miss out of a 3 year old Kinder spot in mainstream Kinders and I know that socially she will need "something" next year.  I thought of all the options, like Occasional Care, Extra Curricular activities, etc, etc.  Now that Montessori has joined that list of possibilities it is really making me wonder what to do.  I don't know anyone that has a child that has gone through the Montessori Program so I thought I'd throw it out there to the wonderful bloggy community. 

Do you have a Montessori Child?  Are you happy with the program and what it offers your child? 
Have you made different educational decisions for your children?  Or do you keep it the same? 

Thursday, June 16

five minute increments...

I've learnt that as a stay at home mother, time is of the essence.  Actually time would be essentially important to all mothers full stop.  Agree?  yes I thought you would.

You see, when little people come along, it's a learning curve on how to get things down that used to just, well, get done but without that little shadow following you around, calling out for help or screaming because their sibling has just careered through their magnificent lego tower.


Enter the Five Minute Increment (FMI) rule and I'm in a much happier place.  I no longer aspire to complete a task from go to woe.  If I start, say folding the washing, I can leave it at the drop of a hat, and return when the chance arises.  Same with tidying.  Oh you wont find me spending uninterrupted time cleaning.  It's done in spurts throughout the day.  remember FMI....

If I'm walking up the hallway to one of the kids room, I'll do a quick look to see if anything needs to be returned and take it with me, and same on the way back (gee sounds like my house is huge - it's not!) but you see.  Time - Essense - no point wasting it.

I'm like this with other areas like blogging, and crafting....  if I can sneak in either I will.  I've always got a crafty project on the go at arms length, and thank goodness for WIFI which enables me to  read through some fav blogs here and there during the day, but perhaps comment latter on.....

When the kids are showering, I'll clean the bathroom whilst I'm watching them.  I'll plan out dinner in stages throughout the day so it's not all prepared at once in the evening.   When they are outside playing, I can push swings, comment on trampoline skills, hang out washing and feed the cat -  all happy.

In my house, I try to show the kids that chores (read boring) need to be done.  So they need to know that  ironing gets done, we pack up and take care of our belongings.  I also find that by implementing the FMI rule, tasks aren't overwhelming and when one of my babes looks at me with those "melting eyes" holding a much loved (falling apart) copy of The Very Hungry Caterpillar*, I take that as an opportunity to sit down and nourish my family.

How do you juggle it all?  Do you do things in short bursts or do you like to finish a task once you start.
Do you have any tips to share about managing your time?  Please do if you will!

*which is the fav at the moment - the book is literally falling apart and like many of you, i dont even need the book now - it's etched in my memory - probably for like ever! 


Thursday, June 9

the number 5

 Enjoying his new camera from Grandma and Pa

 When you want to talk numbers.....seek out my son.  He'd be quite happy to show you his collection of calculators, complete some random sums, play bingo and do a dot-to-dot!

The cake! 

And when that particular boy turns 5?  Well, excitement city!  It's all about the F-I-V-E! 

How many are you?

And his request - yep, you guessed it, a number 5 cake!  which was a blast to make actually...with the addition of a biscuit and smartie calculator to boot and which made the Birthday Boy very happy indeed!

blow em out! 

Happy Birthday my first born son, my angel, my light.  You are growing so quick.  I love your quirkiness, your sweetness, your courage and sensitivity.


Tuesday, June 7

what a week {and a recipe}

Well, I'd like to officially say that I would be happy not to have too many weeks like last week - phew!  Glad all that hectic, crazy stuff is over.  I'm sad I missed the Sugar and Spice Market, and can't wait to hear about how it all went.

And it's nice to be back blogging and checking out all the stuff I missed (which wasn't much, as I was still keeping my eye on your all, just not commenting as much!)

Thanks so much for all the lovely comments and heartfelt thoughts.  And thanks to my friends in real life, that saw my blog post, and picked up the phone to check all was ok.  All is ok - now.  My dad had to go and scare us all and in the end, he had some surgery (or as he called it "servicing a vintage model") and is now much better.

So I thought i would share a delicious little sweetener.....my totally made up Lemon Slice.

This is totally made up, because I assumed that I had all the ingredients to make my very fail-safe lemon slice recipe I use all the time.  Half way through  and I discovered I did not.  Oh well, too late to stop now - better just wing it - and I did!  And you know what - it's better, so I think this will become my fail-safe!

What you need;

1 packet Marie biscuits or the like (around 250g)
1/2 cup desiccated coconut
Can of condensed milk
200g butter
juice of a lemon
grated rind of a lemon

lemon curd (or lemon butter)
1 egg white
1/2 cup caster sugar
1-1/2 cups desiccated coconut

Preheat your oven to 160 degrees

1. Crunch up your biscuits.  i like to keep some larger pieces in their, as it adds a nice texture.  mix with the coconut and lemon rind.
2.  Melt the butter in a saucepan on the stove top and add the condensed milk and lemon juice.   when combined add to the biscuit mix, place in a lined baking tin and press down.  Refrigerate whilst you make the topping.
3. Get the base out of fridge and liberally apply a layer of lemon curd all over.  Mix up the topping ingredients and sprinkle on top of the base, ensuring an even coverage.  Bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes or until the coconut is golden.


Thursday, June 2

Sugar and Spice...

It is with regret that I have had to cancel my stall at the upcoming Sugar and Spice Children's Market this Sunday at Woodend.

A family emergency means that I am needed elsewhere.

Sherryn has done an amazing job organising what will be the 1st Birthday of the Sugar and Spice.  I hope that you can make it there and support such a wonderful country market.

And I know you will understand if my blog is a little quiet for a while!