Monday, January 31

A fancy beach outing

We don't often go to the beach - well not as much as we probably should, but with the weather predicted for hot sunshine-y days on the weekend, hubby suggested we head to the sand and blue water....

hmm....then remembered that I'd started making a vintage inspired bikini for myself months ago that I did not get around to finishing (and with no hot weather for it's use anyway!)....

I finished it off, in the knick of time.  The best thing about making something like this, is really adjusting it to fit.  The top of the bikini was easy to make and only required a slight adjustment to ensure there was no slipage of their occupants....

I also added a waist-band on the breifs - as they - were a little too brief for my liking and considering I have not worn a bikini in over ten years, I had to be comfortable and confident.  This body has born two babies on the larger side of the scale (10pds and 8pds7oz respectively) so I was dubious at first, but with my alterations, was rather pleased with the outcome. 

And...No!  You will not be seeing a photo of me sporting my hand-stitched bikini.....but this a photo of my beloveds on the day at the beach... Look at all that slip, slop, slap action!  

I'm joining in with Kym today!  Why don't you snap some pics of an outfit you've worn this week!

Saturday, January 29

I'm grateful for.....{drinks}

Oh the sun is shining....Melbourne is finally getting some much needed summer weather we have all been craving...and no just 25 degrees - it's gonna hit 40 tomorrow!!  BRING IT ON!!

An whilst I've really only had to flick the switch on the air conditioner once or twice this summer, I've been enjoying some rather refreshing summer drinks.

Joining in with with the ever so refreshing Maxabella - today, I'm grateful for....

1. Peroni - I've never been a beer drinker, and still don't consider myself one...but a Peroni on a summers afternoon is just delightful!

2. Affogatto - This drink is just pure genius (see above image) .  One shot of espresso, one shot of chosen liquour (frangelico for me) with a generous dollop of vanilla ice-cream and you've just made yourself one hellava easy dessert!  Great to impress friends, serve in a cocktail glass if you will!  OR omit the grog and enjoy it in the afternoon (or with grog - if thats your thing).  Restaurants charge around $15 for this easy concoction!  Go - on try it....

3. Mojito's - Ahhhh a cocktail to rival all!  it's refreshing, mint-y, packed with lime and alcoholic goodness and after loads of these beauties the other weekend, I've marked them as my favourite..

Happy grateful day to you all

Thursday, January 27

my creative space...

These cute little elephants are part of a collection of  Hope Softies heading off for an interstate trip soon....

A few little cuddly toys ready to find a new owner.....

So my creative space has been full of stuffing, stitching, cutting and threading....

 I still have a few more softies to go (a new design and very cute!)  But these little Elephants will wait patiently until their travelling partners have packed their bags.

So - not long to go Steph - I promise they will get to you soon!

So whilst' these little elephants play around in my sewing room, I'm going to check out what other crafty things have been made - join me.....

Wednesday, January 26

One Year Ago....

Today my little wee blog turns 1 - yep a whole year of blogging from MiraNarnie headquarters!! 

  I remember the night well - It was late - Australia Day Public Holiday nearly over and our movie for the night had finished. I was on the computer, searching a bit of Etsy, a bit of crafty stuff....and checking out some blogs that I knew about but had to memorise in order to go and visit....

"could I.....hmmm.....really?  Surely I couldn't blog?  erh...I'll give it a go.....

And so I did!  It was really late - and I turned to my husband and said "I think I just started a blog!"
"A blob?"
"No a blog..."
But to this day darling dearest still refers to this little creative outlet of mine as The Blob!  I think it's cute...he often asks, "what's going on blob today?"  

365 days later and I'm having a ball!  It has opened my world to a lovely bloggy community, a place where crafty, vintage-y, fabric loving, young at heart, high spirited and all round fantastic people hang out!  I do so often put an open palm up to my forehead and say "why oh why did I take so long"

But the main thing is I'm here now.  Here are few snippets of what I got up to over the year. Some highlights for me; opening up a shop on Etsy and Made It; booking a stall at various markets; meeting some amazing bloggers both face to face and virtually; having some great giveaways; receiving some lovely handmade treasures; participating in swaps; being motivated to get out of the trackies and take pictures of myself,  finding awesome recipes that make you stop whatever it was you were doing (which was finding the recipe!) to go and cook/bake said recipe; being inspired, sharing stories, but most of all...

just feeling part of a great community! Happy Bloggy Birthday Blob!


Tuesday, January 25

the little price of happiness...

It's amazing what a small bit of loose change can do to a girls internal happiness radar! 
A few weeks before Christmas I was frantically trying to get everything sorted (gifts that is) AND prepare for my last market of the year.....

It was a good market - although we had been moved into another room and this room, was, well, a bit smaller, so all us stall holders with our tables, and racks, props and bags were squished together like sardines. 

My lovely little stall holder next to me was setting up her delightful little vintage jewellery stall......amongst her gems I eyed off this sweet little tapestry purse...

I waited, and when I had a  few sales - I asked if I could buy it! 
"sure $3 thanks!"
"What!" - Had I known I would have snapped it up straight away

This little gem now holds my coins and I love walking to the local shops, to spend a few dollars on some milk or treats for the kids. 

Ever snap up a little gem that makes you smile?? I've linked this up with Sophie as she's having a giveaway!  Stop past and take a look!


Monday, January 24

A fancy surprise

What a weekend!!  I've been up to some sneaking around of late....

organising, scheming, and masterminding....

The event was my Sister-in-laws 30th Birthday - and her hubby and I decided a little "surprise party" could be just the ticket....

So a lunch time booking was made for a lovely little Italian Resturant that very good family friends run in Country Victoria....

When packing the night before - I had focused so much on invites, rsvp's, catering, balloons, and a gift, that my own attire was left till the last minute.  A quick survey of my wardrobe and I thought this bright dress would be ideal.  I quickly tried it on, added a belt, snapped a few pics (I now trust pictures over the mirror!) and was done.   It's a silk dress, but surprisingly very easy and comfy to wear.  It has two cute little front pockets (essential for mothers!) and i love the little gathered sleeve and zipper right down the middle!

Linking up with Kym for "fancy pants" - get out of those trackies - just for a day (or an hour!) and take a snap and link up so we can share our fashion finds, tips and tricks.  I'm even including my hubby and kids today!  Although I didn't get a picture of myself on the actual day (as i was the one taking all the photos!)  My tip for this outfit, was the decision to wear flats - so practical given I was chasing my kids and my neices around!!

I'm wearing: 
dress; Barkins (bought online at Ozsale for a fraction of the price)
belt; gift from my mum
shoes; Dorothy perkins

Jeans; Industrie
shirt; bought in Italy 5 years ago
hat; can't remember!
glasses; John Richmond (bought online on sale)

My son wears;
striped polo; local kids shop
shorts; pumpkin patch

daughter wears;
dress;  her very own MiraNarnie dress (made by me!)
bolero; target

Thursday, January 20

turkish bread....

On a visit one day to Kitchen-Maid, i discoverd a quick and easy recipe for Turkish bread.  Now i love turkish bread anyway, but to whip it up yourself - I was a little sceptical that it would turn out in that utterly distinct texture and flavour that is the flat bread delight...

I gave it a go...and I'm hooked.  It's one of those breads that if you use a little bit more of this or not enough of that, it doesn't really matter.  I've made it twice this week and I've decided it's best dressed with parsely and finely sliced garlic.  When it comes out of the oven, beware, hungry little critters (a.k.a - husband and children) will devour it in seconds and you'll wish you made a double batch!


500g flour (I used half 00 and half plain flour - just because)
2 tsps sugar
2 tsps salt
1.5 tsps dried yeast (or a sachet)
1 1/4 tbs olive oil
360ml warm water

Egg wash
1 egg
2 tbs water

I made my dough in my Kitchen Aid, but you could easily make this by hand (ok, not easily as your hands will probably feel like sore after kneading for 15 minutes).

Method;  put all the dry ingredients and oil into your Kitchen Aid bowl.  With the dough hook attachment turn on to a slow speed and slowly tip in the water.  It will appear to be too soggy but don't worry.  turn off - wait 30 seconds, then turn back on for a few minutes.  Repeat the stopping and starting for about 10 minutes.

Place the dough in a well oiled bowl and coat the top of the dough in a light layer of oil as well.  I just used spray oil.  Let it rest for one hour in a warm place so it can double in size.

Tip the dough onto a floured surface and break or cut into three even pieces and lightly stretch into a small oblong shape.  Cover with a tea towel and let it rest for a further 15 minutes.

Pre-heat oven to 250 degrees and place dough peices onto a lined baking tray and stretch out a bit more. Make the egg wash and liberally apply to the top of the dough pieces. with your fingertips make dimples in the dough and then sprinkle with your choice of topping like sesame seeds, cumin seeds or my favourite parsley and garlic.

Put in a very hot oven for 8 minutes or until golden on top (I think mine take 11 minutes!)

Enjoy on it's own, with some dip or sliced open and made into a yummy foccacia! 


ps - I'm still looking for lovely folk to come and adopt a Softie
 - check out the post below....

Wednesday, January 19

Pay it Forward (with a twist) - Adopt a softie

Ok - so a few days ago, I was lucky enough to stumble onto one of my favourite bloggers for her daily post, when I noticed that she was offering 5 lucky commenters the chance to receive a little handmade gift from her!  Whoo hoo - I was number 2 (or maybe 3) - Anyhoo I made it in....

And now I get the privilege to make the same offer - to Pay It Forward to 5 people!!!

However, there is a twist (I'm not sure if I'm allowed, but try and stop me!).  Given the current situation going on in Queensland and all that is going on in blogland to help out - I thought about my Pay It Forward contribution as another way to help!  Some of you know there is a Hope Softie Campaign going on and lots of people across the country are stitching up Softies including myself.   All the softies that are made will be given to children who have lost everything in the recent floods.

The idea came from the very blogger that I received this PIF from as she commented that she wished she could make a Hope Softie.  I told her that I would be making a few, so consider it that one of them will be made on her behalf.  I then got a heart felt message that read

"I will make a $20 donation to the QLD Flood Appeal given you are making a Softie for me"

I was so touched... I began to think.....

So This is my PIF -

  • You adopt a softie by making an official donation to the QLD Flood Appeal (I don't care how much or little) and come back and post your receipt number.  
  • Only the first 5 people will be able to adopt a softie.
  • I will make a softie on your behalf and and send to Steph who is campaigning for Hope Softies.  .  
  • You then, have to pay it forward to 5 people in your own way (make something for them) etc. 


*ps - for those 5 adoptees i will post you out a little handmade something from me - to say thanks xx