Thursday, July 26

My creative space {fairies}

A little party planning has begun in our house.  My daughter will soon be four...and all things fairy are what it's about when you are nearly four (apparently!). So with that theme in mind, we are preparing for a little gathering of a few of her friends for a fairy party.

 Some fabric was selected (on sale mind you! double win for this mumma!)  and a dress made whilst little eager watched chanting "is it ready yet?" "can i wear it now" - "no dear...I've just cut out the pattern was my reply!" 

But my little apprentice waited and watched and marvelled at her dress taking shape.  It was too long in the skirt, but instead of hemming it, I sewed in some elastic loops and buttons under the skirt so they can be hooped up creating a lovely little bubble skirt...perfect for fairy business. 

Some fairy ribbon wands were made with Japanese washi tape  and random lengths of ribbon - although I'm considering re-doing these just with ribbon on elastic just to be safe as the thought of little ones wielding sticks all over the place may get a little dangerous and my daughter has already sustained an injury whilst practicing her fairy magic the other day....

We are still to make some fabric party hats, some more decorations and then plan the cake.  
What creativity are you up to?  Does Birthday preparations inspire your creativity?  
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Saturday, July 21

I'm grateful for...{kindness}

A simple Grateful today....


More of it, even just tiny random acts of kindness.  Give it, receive it!

This clip makes my heart sing and my tears swell! Go Adele!

Play At Kidspot Village Voices with this lovely lady

Happy Grateful day

Thursday, July 19

my creative space {raindrops}

I've had a little stash of felt sitting idle for some time.  So I decided to whip it out for no other apparent reason that to create a little something that's nice to look at.  No sooner had I started did my daugher claim that it would be for her....she did not even know what it was.

Nonetheless when I told her it would a little raincloud she danced and pranced around singing "it's raining it's pouring the old man is snoring"...

I attached three little felt and one fabric raindrop to my big fluffed up felt cloud using clear craft nylon and some crimps.  It means you don't actually see how the raindrops are suspended....And coincidentally it matches with her blue and yellow artwork nicely...

What crafty goodness are you up to?  Well it's pouring with creative folk over at Kidspot, so join in the fun.....

Wednesday, July 18

snap it {grow}

A little while back me and my two aprentices went about spending the day pottering in the garden with a faint hope of getting some veggies and herbs to grow.  I'm the first ot admit that my thumbs are no where near a shade of green, and vertually any species in the garden that needs care (does not under mine) I was dubious, but determined. 

I am pleased and proud as punch, that our little vertical and pallet garden has not only survived but is providing us with some fresh produce.  We have harvested some lettuce...the chives are going strong and look at these wee little brocolinni heads making an appearance and flowers on the snow peas!!! 

Our garden is growing and I feel like Mary Mary quiet contrary! 

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Tuesday, July 17

Things I've learnt being 30

Growing up.  A concept perhaps some of us spend a lot of time thinking about.  I know as a small child, I loved getting older, having birthdays and counting how many I was on both hands. My children follow daughter cannot wait to be four soon. 

Me....well my 12 months of being 30 is nearly up.  Yep. They say life starts at 30...who's they by the way!  but I digress.... I filled out a form the other day, and made a mental note, that no longer can I tick the 21-30 age category for much longer!!! boohoo! 

But what comes with age?  wisdom? knowledge? well, for are some reflective thoughts on what I know about being 30....

1. A sense of self - This is a biggy and I wont ramble on...but having a clear sense of self is important.  It's fluid and on a continuum so to speak, but I feel a little more clear on the who I am, what I stand for and it being separate to anyone or anything else.

2. Self evaluation - less of it, more courage in my conviction and less worrying what other people with think (coz those that mind dont matter and those that matter won't mind!)

3. Imperfection - Accepting that this is perfect.  Be wrong - apologise.  Make a mistake - learn from it.  Be a good friend - listen don't judge.

4. Crowd pleaser I am not - and that's ok.

5. Not ashamed at my choice of music or raido station - even if it is 91.5 smooth FM with all the songs from the 80's - see I am not ashamed!!! 

6. Size and fitness - I cannot change the length of my legs, or the width of my hips, but I can look after the body I have been blessed with and let it lead me through a healthy life.

How about you?  What do love about being the age that you are??


Monday, July 16

Yeah....but she made 9.9 Million!

Ok this was not the post I was going to publish today, but after some debate in the newspaper over the weekend I just felt like I needed to put it out there.  Yes, the Fifty Shades Trilogy Debate.  Or Controversy...or whatever you call it.

So, it seems like if you haven't read this series you are now in the minority.  More than 27 Million copies have sold worldwide and that doesn't include the e-book sales. Erica Leonard (aka E. L James) is now an overnight sensation and crowds are queuing at book signings and she is raking it in....Universal Productions have bought film rights for the mere sum of 5 million dollars.  Not bad hey!

I was surprised the other night when having a chat with my husband and two of his mates, when one of them mentioned Fifty Shades. I was surprised....(and perhaps blushing at the thought of having an impromptu book club about it!)  Yep...the blokes are talking about it too!!!  

I have to laugh about all the negative comments going on though....I mean's not everyone's cup of tea...but really...there are those out there really slamming it and "hating it" or "I didn't read past page eight!"  Sure you can rant on about the repetition or the writing style and the hatred Christian has towards women and naivety of Ana (and I admit to screaming at her a few times!!).   Why are people so compelled to completely and utterly diminish it?  The article in the paper from a reader's perspective, whilst it had elements I agree with, it all just seemed a bit sad to rant negatively on someones new success.  What ever happened to "It's not my taste, by hey good on you!"  Is it just another version of the Tall Poppy Syndrome.  Some nobody becomes successful yet there will always be those that need to put them down, disagree with how they did it or that it isn't that good..but you know what...

After all is said and done....regardless what we think....

It's made 9.9 million to date...and its still going.  I'd like to see her critics try doing that!

What do you think about those that make extreme success suddenly or even in a less than conventional way?

Sunday, July 15

Read, reading, next

Whilst reading one of my lasted books, I realised, that even when I wasn't reading it, I was thinking about it....the topics were real, it wasn't could happen in real life, to me or anyone I know.  I wonder, does this happen to you?  Do you read a book and find yourself transported to that place, that moment, and think "what would I do" - "how would I react"? Or mulling over the end after you've finished?  It's probably one of the biggest compliments to an author who writes novels like this.  The power to infiltrate our minds after the book has been put back on the shelf. Perhaps that the motivation they write in the first place....I don't know...but it is the sign of a good read.

So what's been on my reading list.

I've read Me Before You- Jojo Moyes - A love story with tragedy, heartache, gut wrenching "what would I do" scenarios and characters that you love, and some you love to hate. 

Reading...The Lucky One - Nicholas Sparks.  I picked this one up for $3 at a country community book shop.  I knew the movie was coming out soon and thought it would be good to read the book first.  Logan is an interesting character and its quite easy to be drawn into this book and see what unfolds on his discovery to find the woman in a photograph he found whilst on his tour of duty in the marines.  A photo that he believes kept him alive.  After reading many of Sparks' books I'm preempting some twists, turns and romance.

Next - All that I am -Anna Funder.  Set in war torn Germany when Hitler reined, this story is about survival, love, betrayal and friendship. 

What's on your reading list?  Do immerse yourself in a book??


Friday, July 13

I'm grateful for {days together}

Gee I haven't blogged since last grateful day.

The holidays have captivated most of my time, and quite honestly....It's been lovely.  I've put my gear in neutral...I'm idling along and we all got away from the city for a few days as a family to breathe in some country winter air and it was....delightful.

So this week I'm grateful for....

Days together... Family days spent together, not doing much or doing heaps. Going out for dinner, trying new cuisines,  staying up past "bed time" and the general chit chat that somehow comes with owning a six and nearly four year old.  The endless games, requests for entertainment (our first visit to the movies was a success!) and of course being with the three people I love the most.  We've spent time doing the same things and time just doing our own thing in the company of each other.

Tell me what you love doing with your family?

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Friday, July 6

I'm grateful for {simple pleasures}

First week of the holidays almost over and I have to say...It's been pleasurable.  No getting to school on time, no lunches and bags to pack and library books or notes to remember.  Lazy mornings rule, and days are spent with friends, or playing at home or out and about.

This week I'm grateful for....

Simple pleasures...the joy of catching up with friends...sharing a meal...a bunch of flowers, a board game with the kids, no routine, baking, impromptu singing session, a good belly laugh, winter sunshine on your face or a good book.

All of the above plus more....something simple that brings pleasure.

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Tuesday, July 3

holiday baking {hedgehog}

Nothing screams "day to bake" more than a rainy morning plus school holidays.

So whilst the kids were finishing their breaky...I decided that it was a great moment to whip up a hedgehog slice.  It's just the bomb....totally decadent, and there is no "reduced fat/healthy" option, and it's just great fun when there are biscuits to smash up.  You could easily pulse these in a food processor, but were's the fun in that!  Nah...give the kids a meat mallet and those bickies will be pulverised in no time (and a few extra bits on the floor too!).

Here's what you need.

250g of biscuits (I use half Marie biscuits and half Malt O Milk) - it just gives the slice another wow factor!
90g walnuts chopped up
250g butter (hmmm...yes lets ignore just how much butter goes into this!)
2/3 cup caster sugar
1/2 cup cocoa
2 eggs

1.  Start by smashing up your biscuits in a large bowl.  You don't want fine crumbs, as some chunky bits are great for texture.  Add the walnuts.

2. Melt butter in the stove and then add the sugar and cocoa until all mixed and gooey.  Put aside to cool before adding the eggs.  Whisk.

3.  Add the butter mixture to the biscuit mixture in a large bowl.  Line a lamington tin with baking paper.  Pour out the gooey biscuit mixture and smooth out to all edges and press the the back of a wooden spoon so its nice and firm.

Refrigerate until set.  Slice this baby up into whatever size you like and devour all its delicious-ness.  This is a great recipe for the kids to get involved in!

Do you plan to do some baking or cooking with your kids over the holidays?