Wednesday, May 29

mr wolf

I'm a big fan of kids games...the old kind.  The kind I used to play when I was a kid.  Before computers and dvd's and video games took over.  Ok, I do happen to remember my brother and I really pinning for a nintendo game boy at one stage...everyone seemed to have one except us...but we never got one.

Last weekend whilst at the country soccer match my kids and nieces were running free in the fresh air and grass fields.  They stopped to play and impromptu game of "What's The Time Mr Wolf" and I watched and clicked away joyous at their wonderment.

At half time, a spectator not far from me, walked over to me and as I smiled he stopped, looked at me and said..."what a wonderful thing to see...young children still playing real apps, no screens, just fun and giggles...I can't wait to go home and tell my wife, she will love it!  Our son used to play this game...I thought it was all but forgotten."

Fun and giggles....needless to say...I giggled.  What old school games do your kids love to play?


Monday, May 27


This weekend was spent mainly outdoors, amoungst nature, enjoying the last of the Autumn weather, family, friends and loads of fun....

1. Pine forest...searching for mushrooms
2. Somehow I misplaced my bucket, so my hat was holding the start of my yield...three buckets later we called it a day and enjoyed mushrooms for dinner.
3. Foraging apprentices (looking for faires and mushrooms)
4. Searching, finding, dappled light, picture perfect really
5. Outdoors again, this time at a local country soccer match...two rival teams...
6. When not watching the soccer, just marvelling at the surrounds of Mt Buffalo
7 & 8...and early morning wander, capturing nature along the way.

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Saturday, May 25


21/52 - A portrait of my children once a week, every week for a year

J - relishing the opportunity to check out the progress of our new house
M- A rainbow of prance around admiring what will soon be your backyard

I think my favourite from last week was from Elsie and Joan - I just love the composition in that first image. 

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Thursday, May 23


The seasons change, the years come and they go.  Birthdays fly by...more candles to add to each cake. Some days have lasted lifetimes, yet in the same breath I cry that time is flying.  I look at baby photos of my growing children and did they really get so quick.

Reflecting on my role in the family over the past seven years and I sense a change is coming.  A change is already approaching for the entire family, yet a personal one is looming.  Whilst I have squirrelled away at night shift work during my early motherhood years, it's been to ensure the CV and and brain are kept well oiled and my days were spent in the home.  It has filled its purpose, and a little voice inside my head is challenging me to ask myself many needed questions...that I just have to find answers for.

Time to reflect...looking for those answers. Anticipation, eagerness and excitement have visited frequently, yet doubt, fear and trepidation tend to follow as well.

Embarking on a new journey is fraught with mixed emotions.  Unfamiliar territory has me feeling like a university graduate all over again.

How do you embrace personal change?

Monday, May 20


A week of mildly sick children, cold wintery days and slow slow movements.  I can't complain really.  There's been no rushing, no schooling and few pick-ups and drop-offs, just time to re-charge and enjoy quite moments.  Cherishing these moments

1. Admiring Autumns beauty...she really does show off
2. Bundled up vintage crockery with handmade kitchen goodies off to a friend
3. Flour on your face
4. A tray of flour, tactile, you practice writing your letters...
5. Climbing rocks.

Hope your week is lovely


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Sunday, May 19


20/52 - A portrait of my children once a week, every week for a year 

J - So expressive and eager to tell me something, you had no idea about the plane behind you
M - Concentrating gaze 
J & M - Captured together, a sweet moment between siblings 

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my fav from last week has to be found here...such sweet children I got to meet late last oh my how they have grown 

Thursday, May 16

slow days

After such a whirlwind weekend, this week has been kind of slow.  That and the fact that I've had a child home sick each day this week has meant that bunkering down and taking it easy has been mandatorily put on the agenda. That's ok.  I've re-realised my kids are kind of good sick kids, if that makes sense.  They just potter around slow, take naps or rest on the couch and soak up mummy cuddles when their hearts desired.  It's given me a few days reflection time, planning and implementing some said plans.  I've shakily realised our move is now four months away.  If I break it down into weekends and then of those weekends which ones we will be here at home, there doesn't appear to be too much time.  Time I thought I had plenty of.

In my vain attempt to get organised, I'm writing lists, hoping to start de-cluttering the home and even start packing up non-essentials.

Still finding time to read, sew and slow down is all important.

What do you like to do on slow days?


Tuesday, May 14

life changing

On the weekend the Husband and I packed our bags, our boots and our knives in the name of education and discovery on our food journey.  We joined fourteen other enthusiastic folk who were passionate about understanding another way to approach the food we buy, cook and eat.  Not many times in life would I imagine I would experience a life changing situation like I found myself in.  I have walked away inspired...determined to live with a better respect towards food and how I nurture my family.  In a way returning to basic principles that perhaps your grandparents and mine would have adopted.  

Our weekend was filled with talk of food, foraging, hunting and taking from nature what you need and only what you need.  There was laughter around the campfire as we shared our hopes and dreams in regard to living a semi sustainable life.   A common thread amongst us. 

Ro, our leader, teacher and inspiration was humble as he is candid.  His passion for food, hunting, foraging and respect for sacrificing animals is evident.  He taught us to dispatch chooks and skin rabbits with upmost care and the joy upon his face when searching and spotting mushroom under the pines was palpable.  He loves what he does. 

We have come away with visions for our food future.  This future is ours and it will be what we make of it. 

*Of course these are the "nice" pictures of the weekend.  I will post the not so nice ones on my other blog later in the week, if you so wish to see them.  If not, I understand. 

Sunday, May 12


19/52 - A portrait of my children once a week, every week for a year 

J - I imagine I'm going to see this expression a lot when you are a teenager
M - Yes, sure, that's what figs are for 

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Friday, May 10

back to basics

Husband and I have never had a weekend sans children.  Not for nearly seven years have we scurried off on a dirty weekend, or boarded a flight just for two, or even bunkered down at home without them.  Just hasn't been our thing.  That is until now.  And it's all in the name of education and learning for our future.

We've packed our bags, but not for a romantic getaway.  Oh no.  We're going back to basics and joining Rohan in his first workshop as he teaches us about foraging for wild mushrooms, cooking techniques, skinning rabbits, and dispatching chooks.  Not everyones ideal weekend, but we cannot wait.  As we venture closer to our dream of living a more simple, sustainable lifestyle we realised we had to practice what we hope to be preaching.  No good talking the talk if you can't walk the walk so they say.

I'm a little nervous about the whole killing a chicken thing, but I eat them and cook them for my family, therefore I should be brave enough to learn how to dispatch them myself.

My camera is packed, our warm winter woolies, boots and some homemade produce for the hosts.  Oh and we are staying in the most glorious homestead to lay our weary heads!  

Wish me luck x

Tuesday, May 7

taking a leap....

Over the last few months this little family of mine have been discussing our soon to be change of life a lot.  Almost daily, certainly littered with many many questions, what if's and I wonders.  Husband and I are eagerly planning each stage, and also like excited children can't help our minds wandering off in the clouds with the endless possibilities that await us.

About a month ago, an urge to join our land sooner than planned really took hold.  Perhaps it was the building progress or just the inability to get there as often as we liked that frustrated us.  We're not sure, but it was uncanny that both of us were feeling the same way.  The same want to move sooner.  We spoke of obstacles in our way, of what changing plans would mean, of when the house was scheduled to be completed.  We discussed it all, but it didn't dissipate our desire.  Emotions are a powerful force.

The truth is our hearts had already packed their bags and moved to this town.

And so will we.  We're taking a leap, and moving our family sooner.  Come September we will re-locate our family with the kids joining the local community school and kinder for the end of year term before Summer holidays.  We'll spend a few months living in our quaint but small holiday flat above the fish and chip shop in the main street.  We'll enjoy daily visits to our land watching our home being built.  The vegetable garden will be tended to each day, and be ready come Spring.

If I have brief moments of doubt, I simply remember we are following our hearts and it's leading us home.

Where does your heart reside?  Is it where you live or somewhere else?

Saturday, May 4


18/52 - a portrait of my children, once a week, every week for a year

J - "mum, I read it all by myself...can you take a picture?"
M - smiles and giggles whilst enjoying some fun at a dear friends birthday celebration

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loving this portrait from last week