Friday, December 21

Merry days to you

It's time to take a bloggy break
Christmas is fast approaching
The hubby is off from work
And the kids will officially be in holiday mode by the end of the day
We have lots planned, but also some much needed relaxing
An exciting project is underway
{that I'll share very soon}
We'll go places, but enjoy the comforts of home
Family and friends will be in abundance

To all those that visit this blog...
A Merry Christmas to you, your family and those you love and cherish...wishing a peaceful, joyful and wonderful holiday season.

See you all in 2013


Thursday, December 20


Soft silk, I took it home and stared at you for a while
After a busy month making, creating and giving so many a handmade creation
I found time to stitch up a little something for me
Never a drawer but always a dreamer, I imagined what I could make
I started, apprehensive at first and then with confidence
Of course I changed things up, changed direction, and was lead down a different path
I introduced the gold, and it was gold
I punched in some eyelets and threaded more gold
Darts were hand stitched and then quickly unpicked
Free flowing and simple
That's all that I desired.

Joining in here.

Sunday, December 16

:: this week

It's been a car-aaazy week here at Casa MiraNarnie!  I know in the lead up to Christmas that it was inevitable and then with extra things on, concerts for school and kinder and getting ready for everything finishing up it all seems to happen at once.

:: Water balloon prep
:: A helping hand filling them all up
:: Holding her glowing water balloon ready to throw at me...
:: A special Uncle came to stay for a few days and spoilt one very smitten niece.
:: Making my favourite Nigella New Orleans Coleslaw - it's one of my best summer salads
:: Cherry tomatoes growing slowly
:: The Fig Tree and the sky - oh how I love this's magical.  I snapped this shot whilst watching my children just play.  My thoughts were with the families of the tragedy in America.  I looked up, blinked away the tears and sent my prayers up to the perfect blue sky.
:: Trampolining
:: Making our own TV out of a shoe box, tape and loads of imagination
:: My fav "walking to school" shoes - a nice pop of colour for summer
:: A friend shared this no bake lemon cheese cake recipe which I made to take to lunch with dear friends. Before serving it was topped with berries -  It was so easy and delicious!

How are your last few weeks of the year going?

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Thursday, December 13

noughts and kisses

In the lead up to the silly season it's easy to forget that also celebrate their day of birth at the end of the year.  A little friend of ours who only lives a stones throw away turned six.  Having a six year old myself, I thought of a cute little handmade gift that would come in handy come holiday time.

I have fond memories and my brother drawing up the grid in the back seat of the stinking hot car on our many road trips.  How many ways to win at noughts and crosses were mapped out in abundance.  Anything really to keep our mind off the heat and the drab highway scene out the window. Our legs would be plastered to the vinyl seat in 40 degree heat and Funbusters would be playing full ball on the tape deck.  Oh the joys.  With technology so entrenched in every day living, it's nice to go back to the simple things.

Jack, the recipient calls this game noughts and kisses, which I just think is the sweetest thing I deemed it should be re-named noughts and kisses too!

To make, it really is a cinch...uses up all those scrapity scraps you keep "just in case".  A few squares sewn together and quilted then edged in some homemade bias.   By making the little noughts & kisses from felt means that if one should be eaten by the dog or get lost in the abyss of the couch never fear - just cut another one out!

And if you want to see me in action making one....the delightful host Kirsty came by to visit me yesterday to snap my actual creative space {which really is like a change room!} so I'm over at Just B.  I must say Kirsty's post made my eyes well up reading her reaction to my little space.

Thanks so much Kirsty - as a long time follower and joiner of my creative space, you've been a pioneer in developing such a wonderful spot for blogging crafters to hang out and inspire one another.


Tuesday, December 11

the important things.....

The floors not mopped, the shelves are still dusty.
I'll use the long life milk in the cupboard tomorrow
And hope the washing basket is not too full
With so much to do and so little time
Today was not the day of chores and boring
A mask was made to accompany his handmade creation for tomorrows exhibition
A birthday pressie was made* and delivered
We caught up with dear friends and exchanged homemade gifts
Some last minute baking for a special guest tomorrow
And what's Christmas preparations without a bit of brown paper and twine.

Oh Christmas is here!

How are you managing the lead up?  Do you let the boring jobs slide?  Oh...and last chance to enter my Christmas Giveaway....Ends tonight!

*more on this one later

Sunday, December 9

:: this week

This week feels like a it's been a harmony of ying and yang.  I can feel the busyness of Christmas fast approaching.  My deadline for handmade gifts is looming, yet, somehow items are getting made and that list is getting shorter.  It's been busy but calm, crazy but fun.  Make sense?

::  Gumboots - essential foot ware for roaming around long grass in country fields.
::  Beauty - finding fallen feathers
::  Vintage signs - showing the way...
::  Fields of red jewels - going strawberry picking would have to one of my favourite summer activities. Eat, pick, eat some more.  The stunning hues of bright red berries and the freshness that can only come from picking them yourself.
::  My little helper learning about the joys of this delight and carrying her loot back to her basket.
::  After one of my prints were included in the Made It newsletters the orders came in so fast, my head was spinning.  Not ever having to manage so many so quickly, I was lining them all up like soldiers checking, re-checking and labelling them all.
::  Essential packing items restocked.  Twine, and luggage tags.

What was on this week at your place?  Do join in the fun of sharing your weekly snaps over at Emily's gorgeous Shack!  Oh and don't forget to enter my wee little Handmade Chrissy give-away. 


Thursday, December 6

jam session....

This week, I got together with my bestie for a jam making session.  We both wanted to make a variety of jams to give as gifts at Christmas time and decided that the joy of making should be shared.

So we chose some jam recipes* and headed off to the local fruit market, nonna trolley in tow.  We scoured around and found our produce, and made some variations due to some fruits that weren't available and others that were just too good of a bargin to leave behind.   The imperfect fruit was pefect!

At home we donned aprons, cut, chopped measured and stired.  The aroma's were heavenly as the fruit were transformed into bubbling masses and then thick sticky jams.

Carefully poured into awaiting empty jars, and then later adorned with a snip of fabric and a touch of Christmas trim, these handmade jams are ready. 

Joining in with the ever inspiring crew found here.

*Jams we made were;  spiced pumpkin and orange jam, strawberry jam, mango and apple jam.  I made the red onion chutney a few weeks back.  We also made peanut butter.  Anyone for a p & j sambo? Well, you know the peanut butter is a hit when your children eat it straight from the jar!! 

Also, if you like, please enter my handmade Christmas giveaway!