Sunday, October 31

I'm grateful for.....

Joining in a bit late with Maxabella Loves grateful link....

1. The simple joy of learning something new (or watching a little one learn something new!).  The other day I showed my son that orange juice really really does come from oranges (as opposed to the supermarket!).

2.  And sometimes it is just better to laugh...

...because it all comes out in the wash - eventually!!

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Thursday, October 28

my creative space...

It's my nieces 5th birthday today!  It feels like such a cliche to say that it feels like yesterday that she was born - but really I cannot believe how the years have flown by. We are catching up on the weekend to celebrate...

Kind of last minute after lots of market preparation, I decided to make her a little outfit...

Next year my little niece will join the club of 'preppies' and will adorn a school uniform five days a week, so when it's time for play, a fun little floaty skirt adorned with vintage buttons and a matching t-shirt is just the ticket!

And these hair clips I bought from my talented friend (whom does not yet sell her items online) match perfectly (pure coincidence!)

Happy Birthday my sweet niece!  Hip hip hooray to you!
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Wednesday, October 27

wardrobe wednesday {the dress}

Yep - bought me a new dress!  I had vouchers collecting dust (as they were from my birthday way back in July) so it was time to merge them together and buy something fancy.  I know as a mother its hard to spoil yourself with something pretty (and perhaps somethings that you might now wear all that often)

But with birthday vouchers in hand, and clear directions from hubby that I was to get something for a fancy black tie gala ball we had last Saturday I was a woman on a mission.

Mind you I found this dress straight away and made my decision. Comfy and floaty and needn't worry about hosiery!    We went to the Crown Palladium for the Classic Cars Gala Dinner which raised money for My Room Charity.   So there were lots of classic cars which I must say the men loved looking at and drooling over.  Me - I couldn't quite grasp their enthusiasm but like Maxabella discovered recently, sometimes it's nice to get out of one's comfort zone and I got that some people are just really into cars!  I thought the little old classic Alfa was the best.  I was later informed that was the most valuable at 1.5 million! huh - good taste i have!

And this little gorgoues Fiat 500 was auctioned off and bought for $16k - sorry folks I would've bid but I forgot my purse at home ;-)

Got to wear my fancy yellow heels with it too - although as soon as I got home I flung them off and couldn't be bothered putting them back on for the photos - but I'm sure you get the drift!  We have a few Christmas functions coming up, so I'm sure this dress will be getting a lot more wear!

Dress - Wish from Myer
Shoes - Sirens from local shoe shop
Bag - Olga berg
Bracelet - Diva

Tuesday, October 26

smoked chicken salad

Joining in with Emma's Easy Peasy Dinner ideas....

This is the perfect dinner now that we are having beautiful warmer weather!  I love salads for dinner, and this fits all the categories of being delicious, cheap and so so easy! It's definitely on my repeat list...

Here is what you need;

- smoked chicken breast (available at safeway in the meat section) - already smoked, vacuum packed and very reasonably priced!
- Salad ingredients that take your fancy.  I made a salad with this meal using baby spinach, rocket and mixed leaves, half and avocado, cherry tomatoes and baby boconcini.  Really you can make any salad you like!
- whip up an easy dressing - mix 1 part red wine vinegar with 2 parts olive oil and a tea spoon of seeded mustard. stir.

Make up the salad and mix with the dressing.  Slice each chicken breast or what you will require and arrange on the plate!

That's it - no cooking required!  Pour yourself a glass of wine and congratulate yourself on a stunning dinner prepared by you!   Want more ideas...head over this way!

Monday, October 25

at my house .....

It's been a big weekend, so trying to find some time to just chill out and take it all in....and get on with some chores!

{yummy treats from Cathy}

On Saturday I got to visit a market that I have been meaning to check out for some time.  I meet some familiar faces (blog host Lou of course) and finally was able to meet Cathy and taste her delectable goodies!  The Made in Thornbury market is a cute handmade market, so be sure to check it out next time it rolls around!  I was able to purchase some lovely goodies for the official beginning of my Christmas Shopping!  I'll post more about them later!

And today is my mum's birthday, and seeing as she lives a bit far away me and the kids skyped this morning and sang Happy Birthday and there was plenty of screen kisses and clapping.  Happy Birthday Mum/Grandma (or dam-ma as the little one would say!).  I wont show you what I made her yet, as it hasn't been posted because I'm yet to do some final touches!  So more will be revealed later in the week.

Hoping to enjoy some lovely sunshine this afternoon! What is happening at yours today??  Join Lou and check out what others are up to!

Friday, October 22

Friday loves {the man and some lemons}

A few loves that I'm having at the moment!

1.  Lemons - perfect time for lemons right about now, and when I go for walks around my neighbourhood I see lemon trees filled to the brim with gorgeous plump lemons.  Luckily I have a few friends and relatives with such delightful trees and take as many as I can grab!  They are my favourite colour and I love the taste I've been known to slice and eat!  Yum yum yum!

{lemon slice}

2. Lemon recipes...

Ok so some of my favourite things to do with lemons;
 * Drink lemon cordial with a slice of lemon
 * Drink tonic water (and maybe some gin) with several slices of lemon

 * Make this awesome lemon slice
 * Eat these amazing pancake lemon muffins (believe me - they taste exactly like pancakes with sugar and lemon!!)

3.  The man.... My man to be exact - He's very special of course but this week his business website went live.  Two years ago (when our second child was all of 3 months old) my husband quit his job to start his own business.  He worked from home for the first six months, at times things got tough, then he found a great office space (3 minutes from home *bliss*) and now works with his business partner and bestie Steve and they've employed two others.  Proud of you my love and saying it loud!!

happy friday

ps - linking this with the always inspiring Maxabella and her grateful link

Thursday, October 21

my creative space...

Some new dresses that I'm making for the North Melbourne Market this weekend.  It is so nice to make summery floaty dresses just as the weather is finally warming up.

It's so hard to not keep some for my daughter, but I promised myself there would definitely be some new additions to her wardrobe for summer to.  I love the style of these dresses and I got to use my new labels!

So if your free this Sunday - The North Melbourne Market have joined forces with the Spring Fling Festival which will see Errol Street closed and heaps of stall and entertainment lining the streets.  We'll  be there at the Lithuanian Hall.

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Wednesday, October 20

and the loser is ME.....

I should be celebrating, but I am not.

I should be dancing around feeling all euphoric, but I am not.

The problem is.  I won.

And then lost.  Bummer.  double bummer.

It all started last week on Ebay (did you guess) and whilst searching for a new (old) retro piece of furniture I stumbled upon the most amazing leather jacket.

Awesome colour, beautiful detail, mint condition, item in Australia and MY SIZE!  I've never bought clothes from ebay.  I'm a clothes buying ebay virgin.  I have had many successes with ebay, furniture, wireless headphones, breast pump, old plates, vases, my art decor dining room table and the list goes on by never clothes...anyhow....i digress.

So back to the jacket.  No bid and no reserve.  This little baby was starting at .99cents!  So I thought, what the hell, i really like it, I'll put in my maximum amount and let it be in the Gods of Ebay.  Well i forgot about said little auction ending on Sunday gone, and whilst siting in Church watching a dear little baby being Christening I remembered about my bid!

I got home - I had WON!  I always wonder why you are called the winner?  You didn't really win the item.  You are still paying for won the auction, but not the item!   AND I was the only bidder and won that gorgeous jacket for the stella price of .99cents.  Whoooo hooo!


subsequent email from seller followed "I can't sell you the jacket anymore, really sorry, it's not for sale, i changed my mind, sorry to mess you around!' 


I gently responded, asking seller to reconsider and that I understood the item went for a bargin price but that i suspected she was going to try to re-sell it with a higher reserve.

she responded and pleaded to my human kindness to forgive her.

so i did.

no jacket.  I was the winner, but now the loser.

Ever happen to you.  Did you win and then lose?

Tuesday, October 19

another EAT moment {passionfruit ice-cream}

After my post yesterday, it spurred on a conversation between my husband and I about that said holiday and moments we remember and fondly hold close to our heart.  Not surprisingly we spoke about other meals that were amazing and delighted in enjoying.

We arrived in Italy in the middle of summer of '05.  It was hot and I mean scorching hot and we were staying with my husbands Aunt and Uncle (Zia and Zio) who live in Rome, around the corner from Vatican City.  Right on our door step were the most amazing shops, including places to buy una bella gelato.  We were in Rome for two weeks.  In that time I consumed 53 gelato's with a record of 6 in one day! I know!  How greedy is that... so it figures that 6kgs of extra weight followed me around for the rest of the holiday!!!

Ok, so it's not gelato from Rome, but i never thought I'd have a go at making ice-cream, and the fact that you can make this creamy delicious without an ice-cream maker makes it easy and it is really really good....go on...try it!

Passionfruit Ice-cream
1 cup caster sugar
4 cups of thickened cream
3 tsp vanilla extract
6 passionfruits, halved, pulp removed (or just use a tin of passionfruit pulp)

1. Place sugar and half of the cream in a saucepan and stir with wooden spoon over low heat for 5 minutes or until sugar dissolves.   Remove from heat and stir in remaining cream and vanilla.
2. Line base and sides of loaf dish with cling film allowing it to overhang.  Pour in mixture, fold over cling wrap and freeze for 3-4 hours.
3.  Use a spoon to break up the mixture if it has started to set and tip in a food processor.  process until smooth
4. pour mixture back into the dish (no cling wrap needed this time).  Stir in passionfruit.  Cover top with cling film and freeze for a further 2-3 hours or until set.
5.  Serve in scoops or slices.

This is so easy and pretty impressive if you have dinner guests (or just the kids) that I'll link this up with Emma's weekly easy meal ideas (ok, it's not a meal, but i just have to share!)


Monday, October 18

at my house .....

I'm reading "Eat, Pray, Love" at the moment by Elizabeth Gilbert.  I've just finished the first part - the EAT journey and it made me think of my own culinary experiences.  In the book Liz spends time in Italy and savouring all that she can by way of experiences joy in food.  She travels to Naples and Sicily and Venice and Rome to enjoy delicacies and traditional food and often she expresses finding "the best food ever".

I remember vividly the time I was in a small village in the heart of southern Italy.  I was in a small town in Calabria and it was mid morning - nearing lunch time (which is when you enjoy your largest meal of the day - followed by a siesta of course).  We'd had a busy morning and my brioche and espresso for breakfast some four hours prior and certainly worn off.

I was getting hungry.

I remember travelling around the town visiting the village elders when we stopped by one ladies house and was invited inside (because of course she knew my husbands parents) - so we talked (ok, I listened) but I was overcome by the most amazing aroma from the kitchen.  In small villages, the houses are small too.  We were sitting in the kitchen/dining room/lounge room.  I could see the little pot bubbling away on the stove, and I could no longer sit in silence.  I commented how beautiful the smell of her sauce was cooking.  Before I knew, she had scooped up a small spoon on a plate, next to some crusty bread and put it in front of me.

I relished it and cannot describe in words how delicious this sauce was.   We couldn't communicate with words, but her expression at my enjoyment of the food that she had cooked was enough!

Before we left that town on the next leg of our journey, that same lady travelled to where we were staying and passed me this note.   The recipe to that very same sauce.  I only remembered I had it whilst reading this book!  It's been sitting idle in my cupboard for over 5 years!   Now I just need to translate it and get to making it!

What's happening at your house?  Stop by Lou's to join in the fun xx

Friday, October 15

friday loves {the BIG question}

A moment that made me laugh....

And that is the love of my son's never ending list of questions....mostly about trivial things, that he may, at any given time of the day ask and repeat until answered to his satisfaction.... (so perhaps I don't that love that quite so much)...

But no so long ago me and the kids were partaking on one of our favourite activities of going through photo albums of them when they were babies - which includes photos of me, heavily pregnant! Well my son at first thought every pregnant photo of me was with his baby sister inside..

Me; 'No son, in that photo you are in my tummy' I say
him; ' that me in your tummy, ' He confirms.
Me; 'yes - you before you were born,' I say nodding

(CUE; thinking time for him)

him; 'but Mum!' He says quite seriously...
Me; 'Yes..'
Him; 'Why, well, why did you eat me?'

(CUE; me laughing hysterically whilst rolling around on the floor)

Happy Friday


Thursday, October 14

my creative space...{LSO...}

It's been a busy week....

Lots to prepare...

It's been fun!  And this morning,  I was exciting as I got to drop off a box of handmade goodies to Bec at The Little Shop Of.... in Carnegie.  Bec contacted me a few weeks ago after I put in an application to stock some of my items in her store!  So my Bunting Cards, Key Fobs and Fabric Bird Mobiles all have a new place to call home.

The shop is absolutely delightful! So it might be called The Little Shop Of....but wow-ee, don't let that fool you!  It is jam packed full of goodness! My little ones had fun looking around too (and watching the trains they could see across the road)... and I enjoyed perusing around and admiring all the lovelies from so many local talented crafters.... I had a dear friend with me (thanks Nicki) and we were able to do a spot of shopping!

So I didn't go home empty handed.... All last year I looked high and low for a nice diary and now that Frankie Mag has come to the rescue this was first on the list of things to get!  I also couldn't resist some handmade scrub soaps and this divine flower ring (in yellow of course!!)

For more creativity to get lost in - head over here....

Wednesday, October 13

wardrobe wednesday {florals}

Florals are in this spring/summer collection... I'm seeing them pop up everywhere in floaty dreamy styles and adorning all sorts of wardrobe items from clothes, bags to scarves and belts.

A good excuse to wear a little floral number that I've had for a while, but wasn't quite sure if it was all too Nanna style!  It's actually a really nice little singlet top and a silk and cotton blend so feels a little lux.  Went great with my amber necklace that I re-strung a while ago.  Of course, Melbourne being Melbourne layers are essential!

I've seen a few floral numbers on Etsy and Made It are some that caught my eye...

Bauble earrings - Katcharly
Elephants - Babysroom
Necklace- Lunarbelle
Reversible tote - flourishlifestyle

My outfit -

Top - Harris Scarfe
Cardi - Dotti
Badge - The Lark
Jeans - Kmart
Shoes - from Italy
Necklace - Old amber necklace


Tuesday, October 12

Thai prawn and asparagus curry

Ok, so I was going to make a prawn salad for dinner last night - however I thought I'd spice things up a bit so I made a curry instead! I love prawns and my husband loves a good hot curry (although i didn't make it too hot!)

It's simple and quick which is just what I love for a mid-week meal.  Finally I am joining in with Emma's Easy Peasy weekday dinners which I have been meaning to do for ages - mostly because I forget to take a picture!  but not last night!

1 400ml can of coconut milk
1 tbsp yellow curry paste (or you can use red or green) and you can vary how much you want to use!
2 tbsp fish sauce
400gms green (raw) peeled prawns
150g asparagus trimmed and cut
half zucchini, diced
half cup of coriander leaves
steamed rice

Place half the coconut milk into a heavy based saucepan and cook over a medium-high heat for 5 minutes or until it starts to separate.  Add the curry paste and cook for 5 minutes stirring until fragrant. Add the fish sauce and the rest of the coconut milk.  Bring liquid to the boil then reduce and simmer for around 8 minutes.

Add the asparagus, zucchini and prawns and return to the boil, then reduce once more and simmer for a couple of minutes until the prawns turn pink and are cooked.

Add coriander and serve with steamed rice!

Enjoy with a lovely glass of wine ;-)

Thursday, October 7

my creative space...

A bit of shoooshing up some plain t-shirts for my daughter for summer.

This pink had a hideous print on the front, so I decided to cover it up with some gorgeous fabric!  I'll try and make some matching skirts or shorts with the fabric (without it looking to matchy matchy).

And I couldn't resist using my new labels which arrived in the post last week!  I'm so happy with them - They are from World wide labels and you can find their Etsy store here

For more creative types - head over here.....

Wednesday, October 6

Wardrobe wednesday...

When I started out doing these fashion posts, it was, to motivate me to get out of the trackies, and wear something different.  As a stay at home mumma, sometimes comfort wins over nice.  Sometimes, trackies are easy and really - it doesn't matter if the kids spill their milo all over you, or smear banana onto you or even give you a snotty hug!

The other reason I thought this might be fun, and I'm definitely not a fashion guru - I don't follow the trends and I'm beginning to learn to dress for my body, bumps and all.  Lets face it, some of those bumps were not there before children, so it takes some getting used to!

That aside, I also love practical and affordable.  I mean, who needs to be looking after the kids dressed in Gucci and Jimmy Choo!  Did I not mention milo, banana, and snot!

This little outfit - a bargin.  I realised as I was wearing it, that the added total of this outfit is very realistic (under $100)  for all of it!

Top - On sale at a local boutique -$19
Jeans - Kmart - $29
Shoes - Dorothy Perkins - $15
Necklace - $21
Ring - Buttons by Lou Lou - $10
Belt - Dotti $ 4.95