Wednesday, July 17

stash PART 2 - blue quilt

 In my efforts to de-stash the fabric stash...I made a conscious effort to cut with the procrastinating and get to it.  In other words....Commit and then Sew.  Sew. Like. A. Crazy. Women.

And thats what I did when I made this quilt.  It's totally not at all perfect and really, I used the wrong wadding, but in my attempt not to buy any more fabric during my sewing hiatus I didn't want to tempt fate by returning to a place dripping in I stayed away from all stores fabric, notions and haberdashery!  I must say...initially there were withdrawals, but now I am totally at peace with my decision.  I'm looking at my stash in a complete different way.

I've made one of these quilts before...and I knew that if I was to embark again, I had to get it done and get it done fast.  I cut one day...started sewing squares the next, then rows, then joining rows and before I knew it the quilt top was done.  I made the binding (great use of fabric right there!) and, sat eagerly at night hand sewing it all together.   Before I knew it, it was draped over the couch and has pretty much stayed there and used for added warmth during these chilly nights since.

I still have a fair way to go through the stash, but it's nice to know that all these little fabric bits here and there have merged together to make a quilt for our family.

Part 1 here 


  1. Love this, Brenda. You must have quite the stash! worked out beautifully. Belinda x

  2. I love it! You are a crazy woman. Sewing that up so quick. Looks so beautiful. Well done on using your stash. Imagine the rewards of buying new stuff when this is finished!!! Ha!

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous Brenda! You are lucky to have such a beautiful stash! I'm really keen to make a first quilt out of my collection of vintage aprons but keep getting put off because it does look like a very time-consuming project. But looking at your quilt I may just bump it up the list a bit :-) Mel x

  4. just beautiful, I need to tackle some of my stash, but am not nearly so talented

  5. Wow. That is such a beautiful quilt. Totally my colours. I am and always have been a Blue girl. xo

  6. Yay to stash busting! This quilt is gorgeous....well done clever Mumma!! Wishing you slow days filled with cups of tea and sewing :) xx


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