Sunday, July 21


A Portrait of my children once a week, every week, for a year

J - Still a little pensive when the camera comes out...
M - And this one tends to light up at the opportunity of a photo! 

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  1. M look so much like her mum in this shot! Maybe it's the delight. x

  2. I think most boys are like yours. Mine are never keen on having their photo taken, where I find it hard to get a natural pic of Bell as she can never help posing. I always love the pics of your girl, she looks like such a character xo

  3. Such a beautiful photo of your little boy, that bold red hat really pops. What a happy little one Miss M is. It's hard to get those unexpected moments captured as they get older I find. I've been doing mini little shoots with the girls, all of about 5 minutes and they seem to be pretty good with me doing that so far....Have a lovely week. xx

  4. Love J's cap! Where would we be if our children were the same? Opposites. Chalk and Cheese. That's our little family ;) xx


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